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Denmark Road High School

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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What do I do if I get lost?

Ask an older student or someone passing by. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, go to the Wellbeing Centre [you will be shown where this is on the first day of term] where they will be able to help you out.

What do I do if I lose some of my belongings?

Your property is brought to school at your own risk; however any items found are normally taken to lost property or the Wellbeing Centre and sorted by staff. 

Make sure YOUR NAME is on all of your clothes and your equipment!

Named items can be returned to you. Staff will email you if a named item is brought to lost property.  

Unnamed items are stored until the end of term.  We do not have space to store large amounts of lost property for any length of time so items that are not claimed after the end of term are given to charity. You are expected to be proactive in searching for items that you may have lost.  If a lost item is valuable, you should ask at Reception as well as the Wellbeing Centre and also tell your Form Tutor.

What do I do if I lose my timetable?

It is a good idea to take a photo of your timetable and have it stored on your phone when you first receive it. 

However, you will always be able to see it electronically on SatchelONE (Show My Homework)

What do I do if I feel unwell?

If you feel unwell during the day, you must tell the teacher that you are with or report to the Wellbeing Centre, where you will be assessed. You must NOT phone home independently.  Staff in the Wellbeing Centre will contact home if they think it’s necessary

What do I do if I feel unhappy?

Any new experience in your life can cause a little anxiety at time; there are so many things to take on board when you change school and we understand that sometimes you may worry about certain aspects of school life.

Please ask for help if you need it. 

The first person to go to about any worries is your Form Tutor.  However, you can also approach the Year 7 Progress and Wellbeing Co-ordinator.

 Alternatively, you could speak to another teacher you feel able to talk to or the school nurse (on a Tuesday lunchtime). 

Remember we are a family at Denmark Road: we are all here to help and support you!

What can I do at break and lunch?

We have a short morning break after Lesson 2. You can have a drink and a snack (brought from home or available to buy from the Dining Room) and go to the toilet. You should also use this time t fill up your water bottle.

We have a 55 minute lunchtime after Lesson 3. You can have a drink and lunch (brought from home or available to buy from the Dining Room) and go to the toilet. You should also use this time to fill up your water bottle. There are also a range of clubs and activities to go to at lunchtime.

How do I use the School Restaurant?

Food service is as follows:

Breakfast - Before school you can buy a selection of  cereal, hot rolls, toast and hot drinks 

Break - A selection of hot snacks, sandwiches/rolls, water and fruit juices are available 

Lunchtime - There will be the choice of a main meal (hot lunch) including a vegetarian option, a lighter meal, a selection of sandwiches, hot and cold desserts, fresh fruit, yoghurts and soft drinks.

A full school lunch (main course and dessert) is available for £2.50 per day.  A selection of rolls, baguettes and sandwiches are available from £1.50 and hot snacks from £1.00.  

There is a queueing system, which your tutor will show you when you start with us. It is important to use this system, as the school restaurant can get busy! You are also expected to clean up after yourself: always leave the area you have used as you would wish to find it. So, all rubbish goes in the bin and cutlery/crockery is taken to the trolley.

Denmark Road is a cashless site, this way; you don’t have to worry about losing your school money! Parents and carers will need to pay for your school meals by ParentPay.  This means that your parents/carers will be able to top up your account and then, using your fingerprint, you will be able to purchase snacks and meals in the school restaurant.

Your parents/carers will receive an activation letter from the school, which will allow them to create their ParentPay account at  Full details on how to do this can be found on our website under Parental Information.

What equipment do I need?

Please see our Kit List here

What uniform do I need to have?

Please see our Uniform List here

What extra-curricular opportunities are available?

There are many opportunities for you to join in extra-curricular activities (these take place outside of lesson times) and you will be encouraged to do a variety of activities. Some examples include netball, dance, athletics, art club, junior choir, hockey, chess, food club… to name just a few!

How do I sign up for clubs and activities?

Subject teachers will advertise clubs via your tutor and you'll get emails about them.

Notices about the times and meeting places are given in tutor time, so listen carefully. Your Form Tutor may also have notices in registration.  You will also need to check your school email daily to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Is there anything I need to know about travelling to school?

You may live quite a distance from school and therefore you will have to use some form of transport to get here.

Please read the following information for your own safety.


Ensure seat belts are worn at all times.

Do not move around the bus when it is moving.

Get on and off the bus in an orderly fashion.

Once off the bus, cross the road carefully.

At the end of school, please wait for the bus in the designated area on Seabroke Road.

Poor behaviour is not tolerated on buses and you could be banned from the bus if this happens.


Please inform your parents that they should pick you up/drop you off on Lansdown Road.

You should not be picked up/dropped off on Seabroke Road as this is the route for the buses.

You should not be picked up/dropped off on Denmark Road at the beginning and end of the day due to the buses and volume of traffic.  

Take great care crossing the road and only use allocated crossings which will be supervised by teachers.


Please wear a helmet.

Dismount your cycle at the gates and push it to the cycle shed.

Lock your cycle in the shed.

It is extremely important that you act sensibly, however you travel to school. You are easily recognisable in our distinctive uniform and as such are representing the school.  Do not let yourself or the school down by behaving poorly.  Remember you are the school’s ambassadors.

What happens if I miss the bus?

There is always a member of staff on bus duty. You need to report to them and they will contact home for you.

What do I do if I am worried about a friend?

The first person to approach is your Form Tutor.  However, you can also talk to the Director of Key Stage 3 to let them know your concerns.  Alternatively, you could speak to another teacher you feel able to talk to or the school nurse (on a Tuesday lunchtime). 

What can I do if I am finding it challenging to use Show My Homework?

Notify your Tutor straight away.  Mr Fryer and Mr Batten from our IT department (based on the second floor in the main building) will be able to help you out too.

What can I do if I am finding homework challenging?

Talk to your subject teachers - they will always be willing to help and support you as much as they can. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can also speak to your tutor, or the Progress and Wellbeing Centre team. Don’t keep worries about homework bottled up: it’s important you talk to a teacher about it straight away. Remember, we are a family and here to support you!

When can I use mobile devices?

You may be allowed to use your mobile phones in lessons for example to look at something on Show My Homework. Otherwise phones must be switched off during lesson time and not on silent. 

You can use your mobile phone at Break and Lunchtime - although we do encourage you to spend this time in school interacting with your friends and taking part in the many clubs we have on offer!

When can I use my headphones?

Headphones are only permitted in music lessons and when directed by your teacher. You may want to use them at break and lunchtime; however, we do encourage you to interact with your friends during this free time in school instead of using mobile devices.

How do I conduct myself when moving between classrooms?

You will move around the school according to which subjects you will be studying. It will seem confusing at first but you will soon know your way around the school.

As you move around the school, you will be keeping to the left in corridors and on stairs. 

You should behave in a polite and sensible manner, without running whilst keeping an eye on the time to ensure that you arrive to your lessons on time.  

Always check behind you when going through a door: be polite and keep it open for the next person. Go through doors in single file, so that you do not push into someone else trying to get through.

What are the expectations of my behaviour in and outside of the classroom?

Show courtesy and consideration for others.

Treat school property and the property of other members of the school with respect.

Wear the school uniform correctly and make sure everything you bring to school is clearly named.

Always be punctual, whatever it is you are doing.

Move around the school sensibly and quietly, keeping to the left in corridors and on stairs.

Leaving School during the Day

You are not allowed to leave the school during the day unless you have permission to do so. 

If you have an emergency appointment, your parents should complete a leave of absence form in advance, which should be handed into reception or the Wellbeing Centre.  

If you need to leave school during the day for an appointment and you have been given permission then you should tell your Form Tutor and, at the time you need to leave go to the Wellbeing Centre to sign out and head to reception when a parent/carer collects you.   A parent or an adult who is on our contact list must come to the Main Reception to collect you.

How do I use the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)?

The Learning Resource Centre (also known as the LRC or Library) will become an essential part of your life at DRHS – whether you join a club, create a new one, browse through the fiction, need something for your school work, or use the catalogue to find specific items, you will find plenty of help from our Librarian. 

The LRC is open from 8.15am to 5pm on Mondays to Thursdays and until 4.30pm on Fridays.  It is available before school, at break time, at lunchtime and after school for general use. 

If you need to find something specific, eg by a particular author, or on a topic, you can use the catalogue, which is available on all school computers.  You’ll get further guidance on using the catalogue during your Introduction to the Learning Resource Centre session which usually takes place during an English lesson near to the beginning of the September term. 

Books may be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time (you can have up to 4 books) and renewed if you haven’t finished with them.  DVDs may be borrowed for a week, and again, can be renewed if you haven’t finished watching them.  Books and DVDs must be signed out at the LRC desk and date stamped, so that you know when to return them.  Some books are in high demand, so it is essential you return your books on time, in order that our resources can be shared fairly within our DRHS community.  All LRC items must be treated with care whilst you are looking after them, so that they stay in good condition for all students to use.  All books and DVDs must be returned to the LRC desk, so they can be taken off your account. 

We hope that you will find books that you will enjoy, activities to engage you and that you develop skills to find the information you will need.  It is the Librarian's role to facilitate all those things and she is really looking forward to welcoming you to the DRHS LRC in September.