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Denmark Road High School

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Food Lessons - What will they Be Like?

Year 7 and 8 Food 

Food and Nutrition at DRHS is essentially a practical course. We want students to build up a set of practical cooking skills for life and enjoy making tasty dishes to share with their family at home.


However, this year, in order to ensure the food room and equipment is only used by one bubble each cycle the Year 7 and Year 8 students will alternate between:

(I) practical lessons in the food room - where they cook at school

(ii) demo lessons in a classroom - where they watch and discuss a video demo of the practical and cover the theory elements of the course and can then carry out the practical at home for homework


Year 11 INVEST - Food 

This is a practical course, once a fortnight, as part of a carousel of three activities - Food, Photography and Yoga. 


In the Food course students will make a set of tasty dishes to share at home which we hope they enjoy doing and that will help them start to build up a repertoire of dishes they can cook for themselves.


INVEST has been carefully timetabled this year to ensure a break of at least 72 hours between these lessons and when the food room was last used by another bubble. This is in line with official CLEAPS guidance to ensure the appropriate quarantine of equipment between bubbles.



For all Year 7, 8 and 11 practical lessons, as well as the normal health and safety and hygiene protocols we operate in the food room, such as the frequent and thorough washing of hands, there are some additional ones in place this year:

- students must bring their own (clean) apron in order to cook

- students need a container for their food that has their name on it in order to cook 

- students will be using washing up gloves (so that the water is as hot as possible) which will be available at school or students can bring their own 

- equipment needed will be in the cupboards and around the area where the students are working to reduce their movement around the room

- students will always work in the same area in the room with the same fellow students 

- at the end of the lesson, once all equipment has been thoroughly washed up and put away the surface areas will be cleaned with an appropriate spray cleaner 

- oven gloves, cloths and tea towels are washed after each use 

- the food room will be professionally cleaned at the end of each day