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Denmark Road High School

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Economics is the study of how choices are made in the use of scarce resources to provide goods and services. It is a subject that is all around us and touches our everyday lives as we all have to make choices and we are all effected by the economy.

At Key Stage 3, students are able to get a taste for the subject through our extra-curricular programme where they can take part in the Tenner Challenge, Student Investor Challenge, The Bank of England’s Bank Camera Action competition and the CORE Schools video competition. Students are first introduced to the formal study of Economics in Year 10 as a GCSE option and then again at A-level. At GCSE students follow the OCR GCSE (9-1) Economics specification and at A Level, students follow the Edexcel A Economics specification.

As part of the economy you make economic decisions through your spending on goods and services. You are also a consumer of the service of education whilst at school. In the future you may work for a company and supply labour or you may become an entrepreneur and run your own business.

Through studying economics, you will appreciate that individuals, families, producers and governments all make economic decisions which affect each of us as individuals. You will learn about real-life economic issues in the UK and around the world. You will start to think differently about the choices you make; you will understand key concepts, such as inflation, and understand the impact of decisions made by governments. It is a subject which will benefit you now as well as in later life.

The Economics team empowers students to develop a life-long passion for the subject; we provide a range of extra-curricular activities to support this wider interest through opportunities, to those who study Economics, such as visits to Brussels, New York and Amsterdam, the Institute of Chartered Accountants BASE Game, CORE Schools Economics Video Competition, Bank of England competitions and a visit to Jaguar-Landrover.