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Denmark Road High School

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Duke of Edinburgh

We are proud to say that we are an active and fully licensed operating centre for the Duke of Edinburgh award and offer all levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The award is a well established framework that employers recognise and value highly because it is such a good way for students to develop their character.  Some of the many areas that the programme helps develop include self-belief, independence of thought and action, respect and understanding of people, and a sense of responsibility.

The award structure requires students to commit to one activity for a set period of time in each of the following categories – Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Expedition.  It is the period of time that distinguishes between the levels.  At Gold level, a further activity is required and this known as the Residential.  Each activity is personalised and target driven by the student and this gives opportunity for the students to experience challenges that are of a direct interest to them.  The Expedition section is co-ordinated by the school.

Students have the option of taking Bronze level once they enter Year 10.  Silver is made available to students in Year 11 and Gold to those in Years 12 and 13.

For more information regarding the award structure, please click on the following link