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Denmark Road High School

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Drama Lessons - What Will They Be Like?

  • As with all subjects students will be expected to sanitise hands on the way in and out of the Drama Studio. 
  • Although students will be working in small groups at KS3 and creating practical drama, teachers will ask that these small groups remain the same throughout lessons and we will limit physical contact between students during practical sessions. 
  • Any  props used in sessions will be the students’ own and we will ask that these are not shared between students.


Students in Yr8 and Yr9 are studying set texts for the first half of the year and should have bought their own copy to avoid potential transmission between students.

At KS4 in Yr10 we will start the course exploring the set text DNA for Component 3 (students should have bought their own copy) which will allow us to work in a more distanced manner than we would usually working on the devised piece for Component 1.

For Yr11 we have to focus this Year on the Practical side of the course for Component 1 and 2. Guidance is still being modified by our exam board (EDUQAS) but it looks likely that Component 1 which is normally a large group devised piece will be altered to become either a devised monologue or duologue thus limiting the proximity between large groups of students.  Component 2 is also a monologue of duologue from a published play. This means that both of these components can be completed with limited contact between students.