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Discover Curriculum



DISCOVER Programme

The Discover programme presents a great opportunity for students to develop wider skills and discover new interests.  Students enjoy the opportunity to further enhance a particular passion or interest or relish the opportunity to develop a new skill.  Discover is a timetabled lesson that happens every Thursday Period 5.  At the start of Year 12 students are asked to opt for their preferred choice.  Some activities run throughout the year e.g. work experience and others form part of a carousel e.g. yoga and first aid

An overview of the options available are shown below:


Sports Leaders

Students may opt to follow the Sports Leaders course in Year 12 as part of our DISCOVER Programme. This is a valuable extension of the Level 1 leadership course.  Students use sport and physical activity to develop their leadership skills, whilst also being physically active. They refine a number of valuable skills such as communication, organisation and responsibility. Students plan and deliver sports activities to primary aged children, including multi sports, netball and football. They will assist in the delivery of primary school festivals throughout the year, raising their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, students also plan and deliver inter-house competitions, demonstrating good role modelling to the younger students. During the course, students are also given the opportunity to complete a recognised First Aid qualification.



Mandarin is great fun!  Mandarin is different from learning a European language and is the most widely spoken language in the world with over 1.2 billion speakers (if you count first language speakers only).  DISCOVER Mandarin for Beginners is also a great opportunity to find out more about Chinese culture and language.  You do not need to have any previous experience of Mandarin.  The course starts with an overview of how Chinese language works, you will be introduced to the sounds, learn to use pinyin, and practice reading and writing characters. 


Cooking on a Budget

You will have the opportunity to regularly practise and refine your cooking skills. You will develop a greater understanding of how foods can be combined together to make healthy, cost efficient and tasty meals as you start to prepare for life after school and potentially moving out of home. You will gain confidence in working with a variety of food groups and using safe methods of preparation and cooking. You will develop organisational and good time management skills through creating a selection of savoury and sweet dishes. Hopefully you will feel able to rustle up a tasty three course meal!


Yoga and Mindfulness

These sessions are based around mental health and wellbeing.  The course explores different activities to encourage mindfulness, and skills that are used to practice yoga.  Where students lead busy lives it is important that they get the chance to practice mindfulness and understand the value that making time for them can bring.


Performing Arts

In Performing Arts students have the opportunity to choose and explore different aspects of drama, music, singing and songwriting. Students have the freedom and flexibility to work individually and with friends to create unique performances in a relaxed environment.  Student outcomes can be varied and are often enjoyed by the school community and beyond.  Students in this group often enjoy working as a team towards a large project such as a Christmas Pantomime or a concert performed for local care home residents.



During this course students will learn about how to compose photos using a variety of different media.  The school has a bank of digital SLR cameras which are used in this session.  Over the course students are set a variety of different tasks and projects whilst learning about the features of the cameras, and the impact these functions can have on their photographic outcomes.  Students taking this course construct a digital portfolio of work.  Students will also get the chance to explore features of photography using smart phones as well.


First Aid

As students grow increasingly independent whether that be through being at home on their own, driving a car or leaving home to go to university having an understanding of basic first aid is vital.  The courses covers a variety of common injuries that occur in the home or workplace and how to manage those situations with confidence.  The course also covers CPR and how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator). Students will also develop the ability to communicate effectively with casualties to build trust and ensure that the casualty has confidence in the first aider

Within our Sixth Form, students engage in the DISCOVER curriculum. Named by our student body to reflect the investment students make in their futures, the programme is designed to enable students to engage in wider areas beyond the academic curriculum. 


Work Experience

Students are able to undertake a work experience placement of their choice at a local employer.  Work experience gives students a great opportunity to develop particular skills in the work place, and also challenge thinking about future university/apprenticeship options and also careers.  Whilst some students have a clear career path in mind not all are in this position and experiencing the world of work can help students to form ideas about their future career path.  Many courses at university now ask students to reflect on their work experience within their personal statements, and in some case universities will stipulate a particular number of hours of work experience.  We hold a directory of previous placements which students are welcome to look through.  All work experience placements are subject to a health and safety check prior to approval.  Students are also able to access virtual work experience through a variety of opportunities we share with them, and also through their Unifrog accounts.