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Denmark Road High School

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Dining Hall

Breakfast Menu 

 Scrambled egg  60p 
 Bacon  60p 
 Sausage  60p 
 Hash browns  60p 
 Full breakfast (all of the above)  £2.00 
 Bagel  large 60p small 30p 
 Toast and spread  30p 
 Bread roll  50p 
 Spread  10p 
 Preserve 10p 
 Porridge  £1.00 
 Cereal  80p 
 Whole fruit 60p 
 Fruit pots  80p 
 Milk  70p 
 Cup of Orange or Apple Juice 50p 
 Yoghurts  Various prices 

What is a Meal Deal?

Meat or vegetarian meal with vegetables or salad

Filled Jacket Potato with salad

Nachos sauce and cheese with salad

Pasta and sauce with salad


Dessert of the day


Buy together for £2.50 


Hot drinks - 80p
Tea bags and milk are available from the till.

Break time Menu 

Hot food
 Cheese on toast  50p 
 Toasted teacakes/muffins/crumpets 50p 
 Toasties 80p 
 Soup and a roll  £1.10 
 Half jacket potato with cheese  80p 
 Pasta pot with sauce  £2.00 
 Filled jacket potato (include portion of  salad which must fit in the one pot)  £2.00 
 Pot of sauce  £1.10 
 Pot of beans  60p 
 Extra toppings on meals: pot of cheese or  tuna  60p 

Jacket potatoes can be purchased as part of a meal deal.

Salad Bar

Help yourself!

Salad boxes - £1.40 

Tuna, Cheese, Chicken, Chicken Tikka - 60p

Salad is free with many meals and always with jacket potatoes.

The vibrant Dining Hall at lunchtime

The new dining room extension set-up for Christmas Lunch

Winter Menu