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Denmark Road High School

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Designated Sixth Form Study Areas from 9 November



Year 12 and Year 13 will be required to study in separate areas from Monday 9th November. We know you all love the sixth form block, however we do need to further promote social distancing. As a result Year 12 and 13 will no longer be able to study in the same areas during designated study periods or 9th lessons (see also the section ‘Sixth Form 9th Lesson Arrangements from 9 November’).


Year 12

Designated Study rooms will be the Independent Study Room, the Sixth Form Computer Room (when not used for timetabled lessons) and the Group Study Room (when not in use by Year 13 at breaks and lunch).


There are three sessions on the timetable when the Independent Study Room and Computer Room may not have capacity enough (as 9th lessons will be in these areas). At these times Year 12 may also use the rooms around the school as follows:


Week I Tuesday 4 – SC2, SC3

Week 1 Wednesday 3 – SC2

Week 2 Tuesday 4 – E2 & E3


Year 13

We appreciate moving you from your beloved sixth form block is not necessarily going to be popular. With this in mind we knew we had to find a suitably special place for you to use, just for you, during your designated study lessons.

The staff have kindly offered their staff room for the duration of the separation of Year 12 & 13 bubbles. From Monday 9th November the staff hub will become the Year 13 study hub. You will be able to bring in your own tea/coffee/milk and use the facilities there. All we ask is that you take care of the area and clean up after yourselves (there is a dishwasher!).