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Denmark Road High School

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Design Lessons - What will They Be Like?

Practical Work Protocols for Design

Due to distancing and hygiene issues we have put in a few measures that will allow students to do practical work with minimal risk.

Each student will be allocated their own DT toolkit - a box of hand tools that will be for their own use only - when doing practical tasks. These boxes will remain in the classrooms and students will collect at the start of each lesson.

Students will be supplied with their own safety googles and must keep them on their person as part of their school equipment. Face shields/visors are not to be worn when using machinery as they are not safety approved. Students are welcome to wear their own face mask while operating machinery so long as safety goggles are also worn.

Laptops and computers will have keyboard covers when not in use. Students will be required to clean all IT equipment surfaces as and when they have used it.


Where practicable, materials will be prepared in advance by staff to minimise dust issues to prevent possible causes of coughing.

Extra time will be spent on cleaning tools, equipment and the workshop at the end of each session, with the member of staff responsible for cleaning machines. Work in progress will be kept in lidded boxes.