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Denmark Road High School

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DRHS Contingency Plans for Covid related student absence, partial or full school closure




The government have identified four tiers of provision we should prepare for.  Our response is as follows.

Tier 1 provision

Individual / Small Group Student Absence for Covid related reasons

Absence that is Covid related (self-isolation due to symptoms and awaiting testing, self-isolation due to a suspected / confirmed case in the household, confirmed cases) must be reported to the school using the usual procedures.

The school will keep a register of students who are isolating and for how long. For each day of absence students will either attend the lesson live online (via a shared link) or work will be set for students via Satchel One. Please be reminded that staff are teaching all day every day and therefore there may be a slight delay in providing work. The Student Support Officers for Years 7-13 (Mrs Kittle and Mrs Harvey) will monitor the provision and completion of work and support students whilst they are absent from school through regular contact.

Work may be set in the following ways:

  • Staff may upload the materials for the lesson with brief details of learning to be completed on Satchel One.
  • Staff may record deliver of part / all of a lesson in the classroom and later post this on Satchel One for students to view.
  • Staff may direct students to additional materials they may access, such as GCSE Bitesize, GCSE Pod, lessons from Oak Academy.

Staff absence from school for Covid related reasons

Staff may have to isolate for similar reasons for students and yet still be able to teach from home. Our cover system has been modified to allow for this wherever possible.

Students may have lessons from a teacher who is working from home, they will send a link to the cover teacher and deliver all or part of the lesson remotely. The cover teacher will be there in class to support students accordingly. Wider support staff of the school may be called upon to cover lessons in order to enable more online learning to occur.

Whole Year Group absence for covid related reasons

Lessons would continue to be taught online by our teachers to their classes as per the timetable. Clearly there would be some modification to the curriculum and method of delivery, e.g. for practical lessons.

Tier 2 provision

In the instance that guidance states the school should move to limit the total number of students on site at any one time, the school would respond in accordance with this.

For example, if 50% capacity is suggested we would run a two week on site attendance rota as follows:

Week 1

Years 7, 9 & 11 – on site

Years 8, 10, 12 & 13 – lessons delivered via Google Suite, links provided on SMHW

Week 2

Year 8, 10, 12 & 13 – on site

Years 7, 9 & 11 - lessons delivered via Google Suite, links provided on SMHW

All staff would still attend site. Lessons would be delivered online to year groups not on site.

Nb/ we have not listed all possible scenarios but will find the best solution should the need arise!

Tier 3 provision

We may be asked to provide for children who are vulnerable, children of critical workers and selected year groups (to be identified by Department for Education) only. All other students would be educated online.

In this scenario our preferred option would be to continue all lessons online as per our current timetable. All lessons would be recorded and made available to students to allow that some students may have to catch up with work at different times of the day (for example when IT is shared with siblings/parents at home, students are providing care for siblings / parents).

It may be necessary to modify our curriculum offer as per previous lockdown should the period of absence be an extended one.

Staff would deliver lessons from home. A skeleton staffing would be on site to provide support for vulnerable and critical worker children.

Tier 4 provision

Provision on site would be for children of critical workers and those identified as vulnerable only. All other students would be educated online. Our preferred curriculum provision would be as Tier 3.