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Denmark Road High School

Discover Realise Honour Shape

Core Vision, Values and Purpose

We Discover, Realise, Honour and Shape

At Denmark Road High School we understand that we are preparing our young people to embrace more opportunity and face more complex challenges than ever before. 

We also understand that as our young people leave us they will be less than a quarter of the way through their lives and they will have spent less than 20% of their time in school. We are not producing the finished article. 
Therefore our purpose is to ensure our young people leave us as empowered individuals ready to move forward with confidence, curiosity, integrity and commitment. 
Student with hand up

Our vision statement:

We create empowered individuals ready to move forward with confidence, curiosity, integrity and commitment. We, individually and collectively, are ready to discover and realise our personal best, with honour, shaping our futures by creating opportunity and flourishing through challenge and change.

Core Purpose – What is our reason for being?

  • We nurture every individual, optimising their individual strengths and abilities. 
  • We change people’s lives through exceptional and memorable experiences that empower them to discover and then realise their personal best and ultimately to shape their own futures.
  • We provide inspiring learning from outstanding teachers.
  • We listen, understand and adjust to the community we serve.
  • We give staff the motivation to achieve job satisfaction and continually develop as professionals through the recognition and management of expertise and talent. 
  • We promote aspiration in Gloucester’s Primary Students, exploring ways to help remove barriers which prevent social inclusion.
 Student eating cake in the School Hall

Core Values – What guides us?

We​ Discover who we are as individuals.  We have pride in ourselves and our community encouraging both autonomy and collaboration. 
We​ Realise our personal best by striving for excellence in all we do, not only academic study but every part of our development. 
We act in​ Honour.​  Each member of our family values  everyone as an individual.  We act with kindness, consideration and understanding to all. We can play a full role in the local, national and global community, having clear morals and standing up for what we believe is right.
We ​Shape​ the future.  We embrace challenge, adapt to change and flourish through opportunity.

How will this be achieved?

Leaders will:

● Ensure all decisions focus on the development of confident staff and students who have character.

● Develop a self-improving system where collaboration occurs within and between schools with the core purpose of raising standards.

● Create the Sixth Form of choice. 

● Communicate our purpose, values and vision concisely and effectively.

● Continuously evolving our environment so that the above may be achieved.
  Sixth Form Student in Classroom

Vivid description – what will Denmark Road High School be like in 10 years?

Denmark Road High School is the school and employer of choice at the heart of the City of Gloucester because it champions the personal strengths of each individual. Every student and member of staff is valued, inspired and supported on their journey to success. Students and staff openly communicate pride in their school. The community locally and nationally know of our unique identity and the excellence of education provided. We design and share school improvement strategies, contribute to national education changes and are recognised and valued as one of the top grammar schools in the country.
Denmark Road High School is a place full of smiles as all are happy to be part of the community. Leaders ensure quality provision which listens, understands and adjusts to the community we serve. There is a shared desire to continually do our personal best. Leaders provide a system of self-challenge, self-improvement and collaboration to facilitate this. We engage in research and collaborate within and beyond our school as we pursue our shared desire to raise standards, promote wellbeing and remove the barriers which limit opportunity.
The individuals within our community are nurtured through exceptional and memorable experiences. Our community creates empowered individuals ready to move forward with confidence, curiosity and commitment. We, individually and collectively, are ready to discover and realise our personal best, in honour, shaping the future through adaptation to change and flourishing through opportunity and challenge.
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