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Denmark Road High School

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What is Computing?  And why the change from ICT?

Computing is not just programming.  The reason that there has been a strategic shift towards Computing is to encourage Computational Thinking, a skill that is transferrable to other subjects being studied.  Being able to deconstruct a problem into its constituent parts is not as easy as it seems.

Computing does still cover the skills needed for the appropriate, efficient and accurate use of ICT Tools that are needed in everyday life.  It also reinforces the idea of Digital Literacy - the investigation of safe and sensible use of technology and the Internet, including Social Networking.

GCSE (OCR Board) build on all these skills started during the younger years as well as ensuring that a knowledge of hardware and software structures is instilled.

In short, Computing allows you to become the ‘Engineer’, the ‘Mechanic’ and the ‘Driver’ of Technology.