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Denmark Road High School

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Cleaning, Hygiene and Ventilation

The school has put in place an enhanced cleaning programme with more regular cleaning of high-risk points such as door handles and bannisters throughout the day.  

Additionally, wipes, sanitiser and tissues are provided in each classroom. You will be asked to clean your desk and chair at the end of your lesson. In IT/Music classrooms students will also need to clean computers and keyboards after use.

All staff and students are asked to wash or sanitise their hands on arrival at school and then frequently throughout the day, particularly when leaving and entering classrooms.

Each student needs a personal set of stationery (e.g. pens, paper, scissors, glueboard pens) to use. These should not be shared unnecessarily. Please see the section ‘What do I need to take with me to school?’

All windows will be open in all classrooms to ensure the school remains well ventilated. Please ensure you bring extra warm clothing. Please see the section 'What do I need to wear?  - Uniform'