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Denmark Road High School

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Year: 13               House: Bearland

School Clubs/Teams I am part of:

Football Team.

My future aspirations are:

To pursue a career in environmental  law.


The best thing about learning at DRHS is…..

At Denmark Road it would be hard to put into words what this school means to me; from the family feel around the school to the teachers constantly pushing me to my full potential. Overall, this sixth form changed me as an individual, likewise with many other students.

As a boy attending this prestigious former all girls grammar school, I expected this to be a difficult change. I didn’t know many people except the odd pupil, that I had befriended from a school disco that I attended with my previous school of Sir Thomas Rich’s. However, the outcome contrasted my initial feelings, due to the prolific family atmosphere around this school I acquainted new friends and was thoroughly enjoying life at Denmark Road.

As well as fitting in at the school, I was surprised at the different sporting opportunities Denmark Road offers, such as; rugby, football, tennis and many more activities. Competitive matches against local schools are carried out on a frequent occurrence signifying for me especially that even if you are attending Denmark Road as a male the sporting options are similar to the girls if not better.

For the academic side to Denmark Road, the teachers here are outstanding and will give hundred percent in order to make students achieve their maximum aptitude. The amount of work set at this school is high. Due to free periods and study periods the amount of work completed at home is significantly lower, giving me more free time and to enjoy my activities outside of school.