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Denmark Road High School

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Assessment and Reporting


Progress Monitoring

Years 7 & 8

National curriculum levels do not exist any more. In addition to this, GCSEs have changed and will provide new challenges for students across the country. The new GCSEs will be graded from grade 9 to grade 1. 

In order to address these changes last year we introduced our own way of tracking Year 7 students' progress and reporting this to parents and carers. This system will be in place for students in Years 7 and 8 this academic year.

Our system looks at each girl's journey from Year 7 to GCSE.  We have considered what a student with a GCSE target of grade 9 (top of previous A* grade), grade 8 (previous A/A*) or grade 7 (previous A) and so forth, would be expected to achieve in each subject in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.

We are assessing each girl's attainment and progress in terms of subject knowledge, subject skills and learning attributes. Looking at their individual target grade, the subject teacher can assess whether or not they are on track and making good progress.  Parents/carers will be informed about their daughter's progress, in line with their GCSE target, twice per academic year. Issue dates and details of opportunities to meet with subject teachers are as per the Assessment and Reporting Calendar below.

Years 9-11

Progress Monitoring Reports provide the Target Grade, Projected Grade, Working At Grade and Effort grade for your daughter/son in each of the subjects they study at the High School. 

The Target Grade is based on external on external data estimates, teacher challenge and expected progress from KS2 grades or from GCSE grades for students in the High School Sixth Form. 

The Projected Grade is based on the subject teacher's assessment, feedback, professional judgement and the class performance of your daughter/son.  It is the grade that the subject teacher believes your daughter/son will achieve at the end of the KS3 year or GCSE/A Level course. 

Effort grades on the report use an ‘Above’, ‘On’ and ‘Below’ grading which indicate the following:

A      Regularly producing effort above the expected standard.

O      Consistently working on the expected effort level in this subject. 

B       Working below the expected level of effort.

Issue dates of Progress Monitoring and details of opportunities to meet with subject teachers are as per the Assessment and Reporting Calendar below.


Tutor Reports

Once each academic year your daughter/son will receive a Tutor Report alongside their Progress Monitoring. This will give an overview of your daughter/sons achievements, strengths and areas to develop from the perspective of the tutor, it will cover both academic and pastoral information. 


Student Feedback

Feedback is given to support all students in making expected progress and to inform staff of what needs to be addressed in future lessons. 

Feedback at DRHS is a dialogue which explores what has been done well and what needs to be done to improve further. This dialogue will often be between student and teacher, but also between students. The dialogue focuses on the skills needed to progress enabling students to be autonomous and resilient learners who seek to act on feedback.