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Denmark Road High School

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Art Textiles Lessons - What will They Be Like?

In Art Textiles you are required to have an excellent standard of hygiene. Due to the nature of the subject, you may be required to share a limited amount of resources.

Please ensure you follow the guidelines below:

  • Use hand sanitiser before you enter the room
  • Place your bags under the tables where you are sat
  • Carry ALL of your own equipment in your carry case
  • Remain in your seat unless instructed to move by your teacher
  • If you use school equipment:
    1. WIPE IT / CLEAN IT – before use
    2. WIPE IT / CLEAN IT - immediately after use
  • Respect other people needing to use school equipment after you
  • Only one person to be at the print table at any time
  • Only three people to be on the allocated sewing machines at any time
  • The heat press will be operated ONLY BY YOUR TEACHER
  • NO ACCESS to the cupboard for resources
  • Clean your table and chair at the end of the lesson


Kit List

As part of Art Textiles you are required to have a variety of resources for your lessons. These will need to be your own personal items for hygiene reasons:

  • Sketchbook of choice (no smaller than A4)
  • A3 Carry Folder with a handle
  • Good quality / range of sketching Pencils
  • Good quality colouring pencils
  • Good sewing kit
    1. Range of hand sewing needles
    2. Quick Unpick
    3. Fabric scissors / embroidery scissors
    4. Pin Cushion
    5. Dressmaking pins
    6. Range of coloured threads including black and white
    7. Hand Embroidery Threads (Thicker thread for hand sewing)
    8. Needle Threader
    9. Safety Pins
  • Pritt Stick
  • Good quality paper
  • Fine liners (no felt pens)
  • Paper scissors
  • Small sponge
  • Collection of textured papers – recycled is fine (cardboard, envelopes, handmade papers, tags from clothing/other items – these will be used for collage work / backgrounds and labelling work)
  • Beads of choice or recycled materials that can provide texture
  • Paintbrush
  • KS4 / 5: Gouache / watercolour paint (for at home & study sessions)
  • KS4/5: Cutting matt / craft knife (for at home & study sessions)