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Denmark Road High School

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A day in the life of a Year 7


"I'm in Year 7, Bearland and I can't believe it's already been nearly a year since I joined Secondary School!  Although it took me a while to find my way around and settle in, in the past year, I have shared many new memories and made lots of new friends.  We have been on many school trips; my favourite so far has been Croft Farm where we went canoeing, tried inflatable sumo wrestling, archery and much more.  Although I am not the best at getting up in the mornings, I always try my best at school and study hard.  My tutor group have shared many memories together such as Secret Santa, World Book Day, Birthday buddies and House Drama.  To summarise, I have enjoyed my first year in Secondary School so far and hope to create more happy memories with this school."

Alicia from 7BE

"To commence my day, I take a Merchants bus with some of my friends and to school; I love my time on the bus because my friends and I are able to have lots of fun without having to do anything.  Once I arrive at school at around 8.00 am I go straight to my form room where I find many of my friends laughing, singing to music or catching up on last night's homework.  At around 8.35 am my Form Tutor arrives and does the register and tells us any necessary information.  Swiftly, the bell rings, signalling for us to begin moving to go to our first lesson, which last an hour.  We then have a 20 minute break to get a snack or go to our lockers to grab our books for the following two lessons.  We then have a one hour lunch break in which we eat lunch!  However, on Fridays I also have a tennis club during lunch which is fun and also an exciting change to an everyday lunch break.  Once lunch is over, we have a 25 minute registration time, where we read, complete quizzes, revise or have some mentoring.  In general, we chat and have a laugh.  Finally, we have our last lesson before we finish school at 3.30 pm and we are allowed to go home."

Molly, Holly, Izzy in 7BE

"On a typical day at Denmark Road High School, I arrive at school, usually around 8:20 am, ready to start the school day at 8:30. I go to my form room in M1 and greet my friends; we usually chat before school starts. We are then registered, and our form tutor lets us know any notices for the day ahead, such as an assembly or house event.

At approximately 8:45 am, the bell rings to signal the start of lesson 1, and on this particular day, it was English. Because this is a lesson we get taught as a class, I just walk there with the rest of my form. After the usual hour-long lesson, we walk to period 2, French. Again, this is with the class so we all walk there together. However, sometimes, you do have lessons such as Design and Computing that are with your tech group (this will all become clear when you get given your class timetable).

Break time begins at 10:45 am. My friends and I use this as a time to relax in the hall and take a little break from learning. There is also food such as chicken nuggets and pizza slices available in our school restaurant at break.

Period 3 commences at 11:05 am, since break time lasts for 20 minutes, and period 4 straight after that. We are then rewarded with a well-earned lunch at 1:05 pm. Pretty much all clubs that you want to take part in take place during the lunch hour, meaning you have to eat your lunch before-hand so that you can take part in them.

Regarding food, you can either bring a packed lunch or buy some nutritious food using our new fingerprint system. There are many different food choices available in the restaurant, which are simply irresistible. We even have a day allocated on our menu for vegan foods!

Once we have finished our refreshing lunch, we all meet back in our form rooms for around 25 minutes. In this time, we always do some sort of activity, whether it’s a quiz or just simply reading silently.  At 2:30 pm, we all head off to our final class of the day.

Eventually, after a long day of hard work, the bell rings at 3:30 pm, meaning it’s the end of the school day. This is the time where buses start arriving, and I head towards where my parents are parked to take me home."

Jaime 7H