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2021 Results Days and Appeals Process

A Levels - 10 August 2021,   GCSEs - 12 August 2021

As you know, exams this year were cancelled by the government in January and replaced by a process of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) in order to grade students.  The TAGs we submitted were in line with our Centre Policy, which was approved by the exam boards and can be read here

We also had to send a sample of our evidence and grading to the exam boards as part of quality assurance check.  Our online presentation from March 2021 also outlines our process and can be viewed here.  The process this year has been very different from last year, or any other year, and a significant amount of time, work and effort has gone into ensuring that our processes are robust, professional and fair to all students. 


Our process

The school formulated an approach following the guidance produced by Ofqual and JCQ who have also produced a ‘Student guide to awarding summer 2021’. Please find the link here.

The following were key elements of this guidance:

  • Each Centre (the school) would set out their process in a Centre Policy and ours has been verified and agreed by Ofqual and JCQ. Please find the link to the Centre Policy here.
  • Within the Centre Policy, the processes indicating how TAGs would be recommended, the evidence used, the moderation processes and the staff involved are made clear.
  • Within the Centre Policy, Internal and External quality assurance processes are made clear and to date, we have carried out and completed both sets of quality assurance.
  • An Appeals process would be made clear.



Exam Results Day arrangements  

Tuesday 10th August 2021 – AS and A Level Results

8.30am - 10.00am

Year 13 students can collect A Level results from the Gym.
Students will be asked to wait outside by the Gym and will be called in.

DRHS staff and our Careers Advisors will be available to support students with university offers, clearing and adjustment.

11am – 12pm

Year 12 students can collect AS Level results from the Gym.

Students will be asked to wait outside by the Gym and will be called in.
DRHS staff and our Careers Advisors will be available to support students with next steps




Thursday 12th August 2021 – Year 11 GCSE Results and Sixth Form Enrolment

8.30 am – 9.45am Year 11 students can collect GCSE results from the Gym

8.30 – 8.45     11BA
8.45 – 9.00     11BE
9.00 – 9.15      11H
9.15 – 9.30      11K
9.30 – 9.45     11M

8.30am – 12pm

DRHS Sixth Form Enrolment for DRHS applicants.

DRHS staff and our Careers Advisors will be available to support students with next steps


12.30pm – 2.30pm

DRHS Sixth Form Enrolment for external applicants

For external applicants, GCSE Results must be uploaded onto Applica prior to enrolment.


Year 10 GCSE Results

11am  -  Year 10 students will be emailed their GCSE RS result



Other people collecting results on your behalf:

If students wish any other person (including family members) to collect results on their behalf, they must email their authorisation to school naming the appointed person, by 5pm on Monday 11th August; students must use their school email address to make this request.

This request should be sent to Whoever is collecting results on the student’s behalf must have photographic proof of identification. Examination results will be emailed for those students who have not collected them.



The Appeals Process 

Please find the link to the A Level Appeals process here and for GCSE here.  

If you think your awarded grade is wrong, please ask the Centre (the school) for a review.

This page includes copies of the Stage 1 Appeals forms.  There is also a copy in your results envelope.  This will need to be completed and a physical copy with a pen signature will need to be delivered to school.

For Year 13, there is a Priority (those awaiting a University placement) Appeal Deadline of Monday 16th August 2021. We cannot accept any Stage 1 Forms beyond this point.

The deadline for Non-Priority (those not awaiting a University placement) Appeals is Friday 3rd September 2021.

At the first stage the Appeal will focus either on an administrative error (for example made when inputting the recommended grade), or a process issue (for example the miscalculation of evidences leading to an incorrect recommended grade). The outcome will be emailed to the student within three working days.

If you maintain that the grade is still wrong, you can complete the Stage 2 Appeals Form to the Exam Board.   Please be aware that the Stage 2 Priority Deadline is Monday 23rd August 2021 at midday and the Non-Priority Deadline is Friday 17th September 2021 at midday.

The Exam Boards will send the outcome to the school and we will send it on to you (the student).

Once you have received this outcome, the final route of appeal is Ofqual’s Exam Procedure Review Service.


Important things to remember

  • We have identified a list of types of evidence upon which your Teachers based their recommendations before they submitted your grades to the Exam Board.
  • As part of the moderation and Quality Assurance processes, we carried out multiple checks on your grades.
  • The Exam Boards have checked our Centre Policy and approaches and have requested a sample of students’ evidence across the system.
  • An Appeal questions whether the original decision was a reasonable one, and not whether other reasonable decisions could have been made.
  • A grade will only be changed if there was an error when determining or submitting the grade, or if the grade given could not have reasonably been reached based on the evidence presented.
  • We will submit an Appeal on your behalf if you ask for one.
  • When you submit your Appeal, you will need to fully explain why you think your result was incorrect and should be changed.
  • If you appeal, your grade can go up, down or stay the same.
  • All qualifications can be resat as exams in the Autumn Term.
  • If you have evidence of malpractice or maladministration, you can contact your Exam Board directly.




If you have any queries about your results or the appeals process Mr Mannion will be available on results day or via email on




Links to Exam Board Websites