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Denmark Road High School

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The 2018-19 Student Team

The 2018-19 Senior Team

It is our privilege to act as representatives for the students at Denmark Road High School and play a part in its development. We all feel passionately about making the school the best it can be, not only as a nurturing learning environment, but also as somewhere students of all ages can be themselves, grasp opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular, and take on new challenges. As the Senior Student Team it is our aim to make every voice at the High School heard and ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to offer their ideas and opinions in the progression of our school community.

That is why, a key part of our role is to meet regularly with the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body on behalf of our fellow students; this allows us to share and discuss such ideas. We also get the chance to attend a number of school events which is a great opportunity for us to interact with students of all ages, as well as to help put together the fabulous school events that take place throughout the year.

Perhaps the most stressful, but equally rewarding, aspect of our role is organising events within the Sixth Form. The annual Icebreaker and Winter Ball provide a great way for all of us to relax and enjoy ourselves but they also, reflect the real sense of community we have here at Denmark Road High School.

Did you know that between Year 7 and Year 13 you will spend on average 1,330 days at the High School, (we as a team have been at the school for a combined total of 18 years!)  As Head Students we will endeavour  to support you throughout your journey here so please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us at school or drop us an email if you have any questions or any ideas that you’d like us to take on board! All that’s left to say is: make the most of every minute of your time here at Denmark Road High School, it will be over before you know it...