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Denmark Road High School

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Year 7 2004 (7N)







In 2005 the school heard the exciting news that former Head Girl, Philippa Stewart, had reached the finals of the 'Miss England' competition.  

Taken from the Oxford Mail:

12th August 2005

Student is Miss England finalist

Extreme sports fan Phillippa Stewart is the first Oxford University student to make the finals of the Miss England beauty pageant.

The 20-year-old, known as Pip by her friends, is studying modern history and politics at Queen's College.

She said: "I just entered for a bit of a laugh but I seem to have gone a long way.  Some of my friends have taken the mickey out of me but it's all been good natured." 

In addition to being an extreme sports enthusiast, Philippa was also studying Modern History and Politics at Queen's College, Oxford at the time.  Her mixture of brains and beauty won the support of many.


Year 7 2005 (7M with Mr Tim Read)


Leagues Ahead

The school always prided itself on its exceptionally high academic standards.  However, by the turn of the Millennium there was more focus on exam results than ever, with league tables comparing schools' results being published in local and national newspapers.

Throughout this period the High School performed very well in the league tables:

2001 - 117 students in Year 11 achieved a 100% pass rate in five subjects at grades A* to C, and an average of 10.15 passes per student.  The school was 29th in the table for the whole country.  The A Level pass rate was an astonishing 98%, with 94 students taking courses in 21 subjects.

2002- 117 students undertook GCSEs in 20 subjects and achieved an average of 10.15 passes per student; everyone in Year 11 had 5 passes at grades A* to C and 99% had 8 passes.  62% of A level passes were at Grades A or B, the school's best ever results.

2003 - The GCSE results were good, with 100% of students passing English, Maths and Double Science at A*-C grade.  A levels results were also good, with most students achieving thee best results ever.

2004 - GCSE results were in line with expectations and A Level results showed sustained improvement, with 70% passes at Grades A and B.  Several students did so well that they were informed that they were in the top 5 students nationally.

2005 - Examination results that summer were close to the best ever.  71% of entries at A Level scored A or B and at GCSE only one student failed to achieved passes in 9 subjects at Grade C or better.  There was a 100% pass rate at A Level, something never achieved before.

Language College

In 2002 the governors and staff decided to apply for Language College status.  A successful bid would mean th award of funds to improve buildings and raise standards.  The school would have to raise £50,000 sponsorship and if successful would then be given £100,000 by the government for set-up costs as well as £123 per student per annum.  

Through various efforts by parents, the school and two local businesses £50,000 was raised by the end of the academic year 2003.

It was formally launched on 26 September 2003 with 100 guests enjoying an evening of Greek food, as well as entertainment including Sengelese drumming.  The College gave students and staff opportunities to do something completely different, with Mrs Lloyd-Owen securing a number of overseas visits to some unusual places, while Mrs Eroglu developed a programme that took language teaching to new heights.



Mrs Bainbridge retired in 2006.

In addition to Mrs Bainbridge, there were a number of other retirements during this period, including Mrs Briddon, Ms Nicholls, Mrs Mulford and Mrs Dawes.

Sadly there were also some deaths during this period: Miss Burden died at Guildhouse in Denmark Road in May 2000.  She had taught music at the school for 34 years and in the 1940s was responsible for a recording of the school choir onto 78 rpm discs.  She is also remembered for writing the first history of the school, My Brook became a River.

Also, in 2000, Mr Tandy, the Maintenance Manager died leaving behind a young family.  This came as quite a shock to both the staff and the students who all thought very highly of him.


Year 8 2006

8M (Ms Cundy)

8R (Miss Young)

8Q (Mr Davies)

Year 9 2006



New Headteacher

Mrs Sawicka was appointed as Headteacher in April 2006, but because of having to give a whole term’s notice in her current job could not take up her headship until January 2007. 

Between September – December 2006, Mr Willis was Acting Headteacher (Deputy Head under Mrs Bainbridge).

Music Trip to Prague - February 2005


What's happening in history?

7th of February 2005 : Ellen Macarthur sails solo around the world
18th of February 2005 : Fox Hunting Banned in the UK
5th of May 2005 : Tony Blairs Labour win 3rd General Election
6th of December 2005 : Tories Pick Cameron as Leader