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Denmark Road High School

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Still fighting to Save the School

In September 1988, yet another reorganisation scheme was proposed, although this one boded well for the school as it would stay open as an 11-18 girls' grammar.  Miss Miles urged parents to write to the Chief Education Officer in support of these plans.

The governors hoped that this would provide a resolution of all the difficulties previously experienced and that a time of stability, growth and development could now arise - this proved to be the case.

In September 1991, the school opened with a boy on roll, Colsin Leung, who was in the Lower Sixth.  This was not the first time a boy had attended the High School - there had been a boy who had come for Religious Studies, but not as a full-time student.  In 1911, boys aged 5-8 years attended the Kindergarten, and the school continued to teach both boys and girls up to 8 years old until 1946.

Colsin's arrival caused something of a stir!  On one occasion a girl banged so hard on the window of Hut A to attract his attention her hand went straight through - thankfully there were no injuries!  Colsin took the attention in his stride and when he was asked by a visitor to the school about how he felt being the only male student, "delighted" was his reply!

For the rest of the 1990s boys continued to be admitted to the Sixth Form, although numbers remained small and thus the 'novelty factor' continued.

In 1998, the School's Development Plan included proposals to expand the Sixth Form and recruiting boys from other schools was one of the ways this could be achieved.  As such, over the next few years numbers increased and by 2003 there were 22 boys on roll.  Boys have continued to be an integral part of the Sixth Form (and indeed the whole school) ever since.



What's happening in history?

5th of February 1988 : 1st Red Nose day
21st of December 1988 : Lockerbie Air Disaster
6th of February 1989 : Launch of Sky TV
4th of June 1989 : Tiananmen Square Massacre
9th of November 1989 : Fall of the Berlin Wall
31st of March 1990 : Poll Tax Riots
8th of October 1990 : Britain joins the Exchange Rate Mechanism
12th of November 1990 : Tim Berners-Lee Proposes world wide web
22nd of November 1990 : Margaret Thatcher Resigns
1st of December 1990 : Channel Tunnel Links Britain and France
18th of May 1991 : First Briton in space
25th of December 1991 : End of the Soviet Union