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Denmark Road High School

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Between 1975-1980 there was a re-organisation of Local Government.

The school came under Gloucestershire County Education Authority and became a Community School.

The girls had a choice of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as three separate subjects.  Unemployment figures were rising and Miss Castle urged the fifth form girls to get the fullest training possible.

Girls entering the Sixth Form from 1975 had more choice; three separate Sciences, Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Economics, and in 1980 Computer Studies or Government.  There were also one-year courses in Geology, Italian and the Classics in Translation.

The Sixth form had many outings, lectures and field courses in connection with their studies.  

Miss Castle retired after 10 years in December 1982.  She had presided over many changes with the minimum of disruption to the day to day working of the school.  The building had been rewired, a new central heating system fitted, a junior library and a new sick bay room acquired.  Overhead projectors, video recorders and computers were bought, hired or given to the school.

"She was firm but nice with it!"

"She was neat and tidy and liked the school to be kept neat".

Old Girls' News

Bryonie Banks is now a Trainee Chartered Accountant at Touche Ross & Co, London.

Margaret Clark (nee Stainforth) is an Ordained Minister serving the Gospel Fellowship Church in Plainsboro, New Jersey.  Her husband is also a Pastor.

Margaret Cowell has recently finished a book about West of England market towns.  She hopes it will be published in the spring of 1983.

Louise Giles having obtained MB and Ch.B degrees is now House Officer (Medicine) at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.  

Yana James while at the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratory at Chepstow, also has been studying at Brunel Technical College, Bristol.  

Margaret Jenkins (PhD Cantab) is Assistant Professor in Microbiology and Virology in the Department of Biochemistry at Mississippi University Medical Centre.  She has published papers.

Mair Jones is a staff nurse at Maelor General Hospital, Wrexham.



Miss Elizabeth Miles became Headteacher in September 1982.


  • Miss Davies who had been School Secretary since 1968 left in October 1982.
  • In July 1983 Miss Pomeroy retired after 35 years on the staff.  She was the single-minded leader of the Save the School Campaign; that we still exist is largely attributable to her zeal.  She led the English Department with the same energy with which she saved the school.  She was the Editor of the school magazine, the 1982-83 being the last edition.

1982 - Miss Taylor and 5H

1984/1985 - Upper Sixth



A Midsummer Night's Dream was performed in May 1982.


What's happening in history?

30th of January 1980 : First Newsnight
8th of December 1980 : John Lennon shot dead
26th of March 1981 : SDP Created
29th of March 1981 : First London Marathon
29th of July 1981 : Wedding of Charles and Diana
8th of September 1981 : First Episode of Only Fools and Horses
2nd of April 1982 : Argentina invades Falklands
20th of April 1982 : Sinclair ZX Spectrum Launched
14th of June 1982 : End of Falklands War
11th of October 1982 : Mary Rose raised
30th of October 1982 : The Jam Split
1st of November 1982 : Channel 4 transmits for 1st time
12th of December 1982 : Peace Women Embrace Greenham Common