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Denmark Road High School

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Mr McKenzie, Caretaker, left the school after 17 years.  The Groundsman, Mr Hobbs also left after 23 years.

Mrs Nash retired from the school, she was part of the Parents' Association and the Old Girls' Association.

Miss Sanson retired after 21 years' service as a teacher of Scripture and Geography, becoming Head of Religious Education in 1955.

Sadly Miss E Higgins, Senior Science mistress died in February 1970.


Old Girls' News

Kathleen Gardiner after five years as HM Vice Consul in New York is now Deputy Chief Welfare Officer to the Diplomatic Service.

Ann Parker is spending a year in Vienna as an Assistant Teacher shared between a girls' school and a technical school.

Pamela Thomas has successfully completed her course at St Godric's Secretarial College, London.  She gained a 1st Class pass in Accounts and qualified for a diploma in French shorthand.

Nora Wilkins (nee Humphries) in addition to looking after a husband and three young children, is working with an American Criminologist who has been appointed from Birmingham to the Cambridge Institute of Criminology.  She has finished coding records of a random 10% of all adults who came into Birmingham prison in 1963.  Now she is working on people who get fined and this involves the investigation of records and interviewing groups of men in prison.

Freda Wilton has been appointed Deputy Mayor and Alderman of the City.  We congratulate her on this distinction.

What's happening in history?

27th of April 1968 : Abortion is legalised in Britain
29th of May 1968 : Man Utd Win 1st English European Cup
31st of July 1968 : Dads Army 1st Broadcast
2nd of March 1969 : Concorde Flies for first time
4th of March 1969 : Kray Twins found guilty of murder
21st of July 1969 : Man on the Moon
14th of August 1969 : British Troops sent to Northern Ireland
5th of October 1969 : Monty Python 1st screened
14th of October 1969 : Fifty Pence Coin Issued
18th of December 1969 : Death penalty abolished
5th of August 1970 : First English Match to “Go to Penalties”