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Denmark Road High School

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In January 1955, Miss Jewsbury was appointed as Headmistress.




Old Girls' News

Maureen Wilkinson is studying Physics at the University of Exeter.

Ann Weller is studying Classics at the University College, Southampton.

Audrey Minett is reading Mathematics at Royal Holloway College, London.

Sally Simons is reading Botany at Bedford College, London.

Margaret Watts is teaching at the Girls High School, Antigua, British West Indies.

Dr Sheila Forbes is in practice in Painswick.


A Midsummer Night's Dream was produced in May 1958



What's happening in history?

26th of September 1955 : 1st Birds Eye Fishfingers go on Sale
29th of October 1956 : Suez Conflict Begins
1st of November 1956 : Premium Bonds go on Sale
6th of July 1957 : Lennon and McCartney First Meet
4th of October 1957 : Sputnik Launched