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Denmark Road High School

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In 1946 the school orchestra won a cup at the Cheltenham Festival, a fitting finale to Mr Morrell's work in the Music department as he was about to retire.  Thereafter the girls no longer paid to attend orchestra, and their lessons were subsidised by the Authority.  Students could start learning an instrument in a class with the first year's tuition free, and later at a fee which was a small fraction of that charged for private tuition.  Thanks to the foresight of Mrs Searled and Mr Morrell thee school already had purchased a viola, several cellos and a double bass.  Six violins were then provided by the LEA iin 1947.  The string classes multiplied and by 1950 the School's junior choir was forty strong.

Soon trips to foreign countries re-started with visits in 1946/47 to Switzerland, America, France, Austria, Denmark and Sweden.

Miss Barwell (Headteacher from 1895 for 24 years) sadly passed away aged 87 in Dawlish.  She was a wonderful linguist and translated many Swedish and German books.

She could never be idle.  During WW2 she spent hours making clothes for refugees.  Her interest in the High School never flagged.  Even though she left in 1919 she helped to publish the 1933 Jubilee Footprints and Memories.  

Miss Hickey

In the Autumn Term, when the new Canteen was at last opened, the old Dining Room upstairs became the Music Room.  On 18 November they had a 'house-warming' party to which several recent Old Girls were invited and the Choir and Orchestra performed.


What's happening in history?

2nd of April 1946 : Founding of Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
9th of July 1947 : Engagement of Queen Elizabeth
12th of January 1948 : First British Supermarket Opens
21st of June 1948 : World’s 1st Computer Program Runs in Manchester
1st of July 1948 : Oxfam Opens its First Charity Shop
5th of July 1948 : National Health Service established