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Denmark Road High School

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DEAL lesson on worms and making a wormery

As part of Module 4 - ‘Think Globally – Act Locally’ some DEAL students had a lesson from Mr Power from Gloucestershire County Council on worms and making a wormery. The Module involves designing an Eco House.

The students found out some interesting facts about worms, such as:

  • One hectare of healthy grassland can contain soil with 1 to 3 million earthworms.
  • The fertility of soil can be assessed using the number and diversity of earthworms found as they contribute to healthy and biologically active soil and offer many positive ecosystem services.
  • Earthworms are found in most soils except the frozen Polar regions and the arid deserts.
  • There are more than 3,000 species worldwide but only 40 species are found in Central Europe.
  • Ecophysiology: The study of the interrelationship between the normal physical function of an organism and its environment.
  • There are three ecophysiological categories of earthworm in temperate ecosystems; the Deep Burrowers, the Shallow Burrowers and the Leaf Litter Dwellers.

The students learnt about the worm's ecosystem and how to build their own wormery.