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Denmark Road High School

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DRHS School Closure - Frequently Asked Questions

In order to support you next week, we have collated a number of frequently asked questions.  If you have any that aren’t answered here please email and will update this page.


Q: Can my child come to school next week?

We will be closed next week for all students with the exception of the children of critical workers and our vulnerable students.


Q: How long will you be closed for?

We do not know when we will open again.  We have been informed that we will remain closed for the majority of our students until further notice.


Q: I am a critical worker or have a vulnerable child.  Do I have to send my child to Denmark Road?

No.  The advice is that every child who can be safely cared for at home, should be.  If you can keep them at home do not send them in.   


Q:  I am a critical worker or have a vulnerable child.  How will my child get to Denmark Road?

At present all bus/coach services are running as normal. This may be reviewed in future and we will update you accordingly if affected.  The local authority has pledged to provide transport arrangements to support our children. 


Q: What time are you open to children of critical workers and vulnerable students?

We will be open from 8:00am to 5:00pm every day.


Q:  I am a critical worker or have a vulnerable child.  What will happen during the Easter Holidays?

We will continue to be open with our usual hours, 8:00am – 5:00pm, throughout the Easter Holiday break.   We will not be providing online lessons during this time.

Q: Is my child counted as vulnerable?

We have contacted students who we believe this is applies to.  This includes students that have free school meals, a social worker or educations, health or care plans.  Please contact Miss Leathart on 07848 883470 or Miss Giblin on 07848 689917 if you have any concerns or would like to include your child. 


Q: Am I a critical worker?

The government has provided clear guidance of who qualifies as a critical worker.  Please consult their guidance here for full details.


Q: My child gets Free School Meals but is not going to attend school. Are we entitled to anything?

We have contacted students and parents involved.  If you are entitled to free school meals and are not coming into school then we will provide a weekly £15 cash payment to your bank account.  We are aware of some scam emails circulating around this area - please do not respond to any requests for bank information via email.  We will contact you by telephone or you can contact us.


Q: I am a critical worker that does shift work? Do you need to know which days my child will attend?

No.  If you are working and your child can not be safely cared for at home: bring them in.


Q:  Will they need to bring their own lunch?

Our restaurant will be open with break and lunch service available.


Q: How will attendance work?

If your child is eligible to attend next week you do not need to let us know they are attending.  We will be asking all students to sign in.  We send you an email confirmation when they arrive at school.


Q: What if I need to pick up my child earlier than 3:20pm?

This is encouraged.  If your child is going to leave before 3:20pm they will need to be collected.


Q: What is the curriculum offer for students who are at home?

We have outlined the curriculum offer we are providing on our website.  We will update this, with more specific information on Monday and share will all students and parents. 


Q: Do they have to wear uniform if they are attending?

We would like all students to wear their usual school uniform when attending. 


Q: What is happening about exams?

The government has confirmed that all GCSE and A Level exams have been cancelled.  They have released new detailed guidance on this today and our response will be covered in a separate communication.  In summary, GCSE and A Levels grades will be a ‘calculated grade’.  This will be informed by a number of factors including our teacher’s professional judgement whom know the amazing dedication, hard work and fantastic performance your children have put into their qualifications.  This will be recognised.   We will share our response over the weekend. 


Q: What do I do if I have a pastoral concern?

We have two ‘hotlines’ set up for emergencies.  These will be manned from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  You can leave a message outside of those hours.  Please call Miss Leathart, Assistant Headteacher Progress & Well-being, on 07848 883470. Or Headteacher Miss Giblin on 07848 689917.