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Denmark Road High School

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Ghostly goings-on at the High School

Year 7 and 8 students were asked to write a spooky short story for Halloween about the High School's resident ghost 'The White Lady'.  She is seen in the tapestry on the top floor of the main building. 

The winner of the Year 7 and 8 Halloween spooky short story is .... Numaya in 8H. Well done! A special mention to Kaitlyn & Isabel in 7BE and 7M who obviously did their homework and wrote a story about the White Lady being Dr White a former headteacher of the High School. Well done to you too! All the entries will be available in the LRC.

The identity of the Woman in White (White Lady) in the tapestry is actually a bit of a mystery as the School archive has no records about the tapestry's origin. However, our best guess is that is a depiction of St Kyneburga and the figures either side are students from 1883 (on the left) and 1962 (on the right). As to who made it, one theory is that it is the work of Miss Middleton, one of the School's former history teachers. Miss Middleton was renowned for producing artwork for the School and she retired in 1962, so it is possible that she created the tapestry as a leaving gift.

Suggestions that the 'Woman in White' is former Headmistress, Dr White, are interesting but this is unlikely. Dr White retired in 1954, eight years before the tapestry was made.

However, we would be delighted to hear suggestions about who the Woman in White might be, so that we can solve the mystery for certain .....