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Denmark Road High School

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Top In The County

Denmark Road High School has been listed top in the County for KS4 performance 2023.

The tables released by the government yesterday published the Progress 8 measures of all schools in the country. With a score of +1.04 Denmark Road High School topped the table above all the other 84 providers in the county. A Progress 8 measure of +1 means that students at Denmark Road achieve an average of one grade higher in their GCSEs than their peers in other schools. The listing recognises the outstanding achievements of Denmark Road High School’s students in their GCSE examinations this summer.    

Claire Giblin, headteacher, said: “This is an amazing accomplishment. I’m proud of the fantastic contribution our committed teaching and support staff has on student outcomes. To be top in the county and 62nd of the 6951 schools in the country is astounding.”   

Denmark Road High School’s shared goal is ‘Nothing Less than Positive Progress and Wellbeing for all’.  The school’s ethos is underpinned by developing resilient lifelong learners and future leaders who are ready for whatever they want to be in the world.  Claire Giblin, said: “Our improvement in progress reflects our teaching philosophy to focus on the context and starting points of students, re-shaping delivery to meet their needs. Through the creative licence afforded to our staff Denmark Road students develop as dynamic thinkers, able to learn, unlearn and relearn. This gives them the platform for success inside, outside and beyond the classroom”.  

The school takes a holistic approach to education. Claire Giblin, said: ”We are not an exams factory. We value, celebrate and nurture our people, supporting them on their journey to success.” Recognising the fact that 75% of employers highlight a skills shortage, the school has recently restructured their curriculum offer to provide daily extra-curricular opportunities for all through the school’s ‘Discover+’ package and ‘The Edge’ at Post 16.  The vibrant and diverse opportunities enable students to develop a wide skillset and knowledge which extends beyond any particular subject. Embedded throughout all seven years of the curriculum Denmark Road learners are ready for their next steps at university, apprenticeships and the world of work.  

The DfE KS4 performance tables for the county may be viewed here