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Denmark Road High School

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Clubs and Societies


At DRHS we pride ourselves with offering a wide range of clubs and societies that every student has the opportunity to get involved with.  Through the clubs and societies we promote student's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, making them more self-confident and responsible both in and beyond the classroom.  At the beginning of September, we will encourage all Year 7s to join at least two clubs/societies as we feel that this promotes and helps to form new friendships outside the tutor/teaching groups and makes students' transition smoother.

All our clubs and societies are run during lunch times to enable all students to have the opportunity to attend them.  Clubs and societies are run by staff, as well as Sixth Form students.  We continue to review the clubs and societies, with a yearly survey completed by students, this feedback will help us to review the clubs and societies we have on offer at DRHS.