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Paintballing, House Music & The Grand Opening

26 October 2015 - Headteacher's Blog

The end of Term 1 was a fantastic celebration to the end of a busy few weeks. Hopefully the new term will bring further rewards.


Great fun was had by all the students who took part in the paintballing. The multi-coloured paints meant that we had a mixture of different combinations of colours on the walls of the temporary classrooms and the floors surrounding them. We had students who aimed well but we also had some balloons going over the roofs and landing beyond the classrooms. I was only pleased that there was no-one around to get splattered. The good thing was that the paint was washable.

This was a great way to celebrate the removal of some of the temporary classrooms.

My thanks go to the members of the PTA and their daughters who spent Wednesday afternoon and part of the night filling the balloons with paint and then water. Paint did get everywhere, but great fun was had by all and there was a great deal of laughter. Without the PTA the event would not have been possible.

I am not sure how much money was raised, but I know it is in the region of £400. Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

The House that was judged to have the most impressive art display was Kyneburga.


House Music

This was a splendid way to end Term 1. The House Music captains did a brilliant job on House Music and it is only a pity that we could not award the shield to all Houses. The judge for House Music was Lisa Mayo, Head of Gloucestershire Music. The standard was particularly high this year and the judge praised the quality of the soloists, group ensembles as well as the whole House performances. The programmes produced by all the Houses were very imaginative and were also commented on by Lisa as was the ethos of support and camaraderie between the Houses. Well done to all the Music Captains and House Captains on doing such a splendid job.

The winner of this year’s House Music was Kyneburga.

Well done to all the musicians who took part in this great event.


Grand Opening of the new English and Performing Arts Centre​

The event is being planned for Friday, 20th November at 6.00 pm. Further details will be available next term. Please put the event in your diary.

I hope everyone has a great half term.


Best wishes,