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Our school, our week - 11 March 2022

Our School, Our Week



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Jumble Sale

Year 9 Campaign for Change- “Malaria Matters” Winners 2022

Art Textiles


Biology Club

Glee Club

RAF Cosford – Aerospace Engineering Residential

Arkwright Scholarship

Sporting News

Year 13 Leavers' Concert

tic+ Thank You

Swindon Dance Experience Days

Sunrise Walk

LRC News

Dates for the Diary

Work with Us


Jumble Sale

This week our hall has been home to hundreds of items of clothing donated by students, families and staff in a bid to raise funds to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). The DEC are collecting on behalf of 15 leading UK charities, who are coordinating their response and best placed to decide what is needed in terms of food, water, shelter and healthcare for refugees and displaced families from Ukraine. It was fantastic to see our students play their part as active citizens; supporting a cause whilst promoting sustainable fashion. Over £750 has been raised so far, if you would like to donate you can do so via ParentPay or the Disasters Emergency Committee.


Biology Club

Every Wednesday lunchtime, a team of wonderful Y13 biology students run a biology club for students in years 7 to 9.

So far, biology club attendees have:

  •  investigated the structure of DNA by making a DNA model from sweets
  •  extracted DNA from blueberries
  •  investigated the structure of the heart and kidneys by carrying out dissections
  •  used microscopes to view slides of cells from plants and animals
  •  prepared their own microscope slides using onion tissue
  •  practised their biological drawing skills
  •  investigated the microorganisms found on washed and unwashed hands

The club is currently taking a break while Y13 take their mock exams, but if you’d like to join us when the club resumes, please get in touch with Mrs Richmond



Year 9 Campaign for Change- “Malaria Matters” Winners 2022

Throughout the term we have taken part in a Campaign for Change project during our Geography lessons. This covered many vital topics such as food waste, plastics, deforestation and our topic malaria. We really enjoyed widening our knowledge in all of these subjects and how they impact the whole world in political, social, economic but especially environmental ways. 

We are honoured to have won this competition and hope that everyone has learnt something about our topic and ways in which we and HICs (High Income Countries) are able to eradicate it.


Here is a little about our project:

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects the anopheles mosquito which then feeds on humans. 

Our case studies included the overall continent of Africa, where malaria is most common, India, a NEE(newly emerging economy), Tanzania and Burundi, both countries within Africa. 

Our main solution was the idea to come up with an app that is a variation of the popular. Our app would cost 50p to install and would feature our video shown at the start as an advertisement between games/levels. 

All money made from the app would go towards the ‘Against Malaria Foundation’, a United-Kingdom based charity that provides long-lasting insecticidal nets to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa. As of March 2021, the foundation has raised $342 million- our app’s money would greatly contribute to their work and raise much more awareness of the cause. 

The app could be available in different languages so that it can reach all HIC's, LIC's and NEE’s. 

It would also have other variations like mosquitoes chasing you through the levels and different maps of places where malaria is most evident etc.

We also came up with solutions that can be achieved globally by mainly HICs. These solutions include:

  • insecticide nets 

  • a new vaccine 

  • malaria prevention tablets 

  • thin clothing 

The U.S. President's "Malaria Initiative" has partnered with Tanzania to fight malaria since 2006, contributing $176 million in the last four years. This funding has delivered insecticide treated bednets, life-saving medicines, high quality diagnostic testing and trained over 4,700 health workers to date. This is incredible work but HIC’s have to do more to fully eradicate the disease. If, in 5 years time, HIC’s each donate $6 billion equivalent every year for those five years, malaria can be eradicated. 

And finally, we listed a few ways in which you, our audience, and all that have the ability to do so, can contribute and help battle this killer disease:

  • tell people what you have learnt from our campaign to spread the word and educate as many people as possible 

  • sign petitions 

  • donate to charities like the ‘Against Malaria Foundation’

Thank you, once again we are so happy to have won CFC 2022 and thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and working together to create our solutions and overall campaign.


By Ellie Murphy, Arabella Jones, Kira Gorodetskaia, Parnika Swami 9Ba



Glee Club

Our Glee choir enjoyed a rehearsal this week with Ben O'Sullivan from 'The Music Works' in Gloucester to prepare for the upcoming G15 concert at Gloucester cathedral.  They learnt the song which will be sung by students from all fifteen Gloucester schools during the finale of the concert.  The song has a very special message about learning to be strong when faced with adversity.  Ben was particularly impressed with their singing, particularly with their ability to create harmonies and all the students involved are very excited about the performance on the 24th March.


Art Textiles

Year 7 students are currently exploring the functions of the sewing machine, and basic seams. They are in the process of constructing sleeveless kimonos, and modelling their outcomes. Their next steps will be to apply a collar and embellishment using a variety of stitch applications. 


Practical outcomes inspired by current practitioners exploring a range of specialisms





Year 7 have started learning about orchestral instruments in their Music lessons this term.  7SG had fun this week trying out the violin and the double bass.


RAF Cosford – Aerospace Engineering Residential

Following their success in the STAAR competition run last summer, a group of our Y10s attended a 2 day residential at RAF Cosford over half term – below is a short paragraph about their experience to give a flavour of what they got up to.

“During the half-term holiday, a small group of us were given the opportunity to attend a mini residential on base at RAF Cosford after participating & succeeding in last year’s STAAR programme in partnership with Northrop Grumman. Similar to the initial competition, we took part in several STEM related activities, and we were able to not only learn from, but also work with the RAF STEM Ambassadors and Tablet Academy professionals throughout the 2-day course. Tasks involved team building & collaboration, programming drones, developing aircraft, aerodynamics sessions and the use of various aeronautical software & simulators: a group favourite being DCS World! This simulator allowed everyone to take on different roles within an aircraft by completing challenges & missions set by our instructors. A main focus of the programme was that all activities were based around the concept of providing humanitarian aid to those in need, through the manufacturing and functions of aircraft, giving us a better understanding of these types of situations. Overall, we found the whole experience with RAF Cosford to be rather insightful as well as enjoyable - it helped us to explore more of this particular field of STEM by making the programme interactive and challenging for the students.”

The students involved were: Amelia Villacis, Ananshi Duhan, Hoshita Gattu, Isabel Johnson, Leya Biju, Liz Johnson, Malindi Maughan (unable to attend the residential), Naomi Dickins, Rhiannon Chiswell, Verity Greenald and Zafeera Karim.


Arkwright Scholarship

Five aspiring engineers in Y11 – Soumiya Arulselvan, Sophie Fry, Isla McAusland, Chloe Shephard and Daisy Suehr – have been working hard on an application for a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship, an award that is extremely well recognised and respected in engineering.

The process is a rigorous one, involving an application form (detailing their interests, experiences, aspirations, and an independent project that they have worked on to solve a problem), followed by an aptitude exam, where they have to produce a range of detailed and annotated engineering drawings to solve a variety of problems set.

If successful, they are then called for a final interview, after which the Trust will decide whether to bestow an Arkwright Scholarship.

The standard is always extremely high, and anyone who completes the application and exam has already done incredibly well.

I am delighted to say that following judging of the application and exam stage, Sophie Fry and Isla McAusland have been invited to a final interview towards the end of this term.
All our girls worked extremely hard and produced high quality applications and should be incredibly proud of their efforts – I have been so impressed with their commitment and creativity. Well done.


Sporting News

Celebration – Gloucestershire Badminton Team Competition

Last weekend, Kate Kulkarni in Year 8, and Bhumi Senthil Kumar in Year 7, competed in the
Gloucestershire Badminton Team competition. Overall, they came 3rd place, which is super considering it was their first tournament together.  Well done girls.



Celebration – Rugby Quarter Finals

Last weekend a number of our Year 10 students travelled to Eton Manor in Essex to represent Cheltenham North U15’s in the Quarter Final of the National Cup. Lizzie Davey, Aaliyah Yussuf and Eden Gough (Eden is part of the team, but did not play in this match), did incredibly well, competing with great distinction and securing a win of 32-10. This makes them one of the best four teams in the country, which is brilliant news! They now go through to the semi-final, which is being played on 27th March. We wish you lots of luck!

Photo credits: spl-photos




Celebration – Equestrian success

A number of our students recently competed at the West Wiltshire Equestrian Centre, in the qualifier for Gloucestershire. They were large classes (60+) and were up against prestigious schools such as Clifton College, Cheltenham College, Dean Close and Katharine Lady Berkeley School. Sophia Powell qualified as individual County Champion in the 70cm and 80cm categories. Sophia, alongside Zoe Saunders, Miriam Holmes and Jemima Ramsden qualified as Team County Champions in the 80cm category. This means the girls have qualified to represent DRHS at the NSEA National County Championships at Hickstead in May, which is a fantastic achievement. Well done girls.



Year 13 Leavers' Concert

Tuesday 5th April 2022  - 7pm School Hall

A wonderful evening of solos/duets/ensembles from the talented Year 13 students, as well as performances from Jazz Band, Orchestra, Brass group and various choirs.  

TIckets will be available on ParentPay from next week.


tic+ Thank you

Swindon Dance Experience Days

Sunrise Walk


LRC News

To honour the women who have gone before us and sacrificed so much in order that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today, for International Women’s Day I’ve highlighted some of our books which feature strong women in many different fields.


All these books are available to borrow from the LRC, and of course all reading will count towards our Read For Good Readathon which is running from March 4 until March 18.  Details have been sent on an email from Mrs Steele, sponsorship forms have gone home with all students in Years 7 to 9 and, if you haven’t yet seen the forms, do ask your daughter about them!  If you’d like to know something about the enriching work that Read for Good, take a look here:  If your daughter’s sponsor form has gone astray, I have more in the LRC, or you could download one from here: or use the online option:  Remember to include Gift Aid if you are a tax payer.  Thank you for your support!



Dates for the Diary


14-18th March - Spring Mocks for Year 11 and 13

22nd March - Year 11 GCSE Science Live trip

23rd March - Year 12 Excellence Evening

25th March - INSET Day

28th & 29th March - Year 10 Geography Field Trip

31st March - INVEST Day 4

5th April - Year 13 Leavers' Concert



Work With Us

If you or someone you know would like to work with us please have a look at our current vacancies:




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