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Our School, our week - 4 March 2022

Our School, Our Week

We're back for a new term.  It has been wonderful to hear about the Austrian adventures had by all who travelled on our ski trip. 

In Geography, our students have been thinking deeply about changes they can make in the world through their work in humanitarian efforts in the name of peace. 

We have also been celebrating our love of reading all week.   The highlight of which was a sensational World Book Day on Thursday.


In this Issue:

Austria Ski Trip 2022

Geography Ambassadors

Bertha Earth Changemakers

Brand New Microscopes

Year 7 and 8 Food and Nutrition

Sixth Form Art Leaders

Art Textiles

Vigil for Peace

Sporting News

Football coaching opportunities

Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition 2022

LRC News

Painting Competition

Welcome Visitor

Parking on Denmark Road

Dates for the diary

Work with Us


Austria Ski Trip 2022

On Saturday 19th February 2022, 78 students and 10 members of staff set off for the DRHS Ski Trip 2022. The trip is a DRHS institution and we weren't going to let the additional complications of Covid vaccinations and PCR tests, let alone Storm Eunice, stop us from going!

We all arrived safely in Wagrain and, after a good night's sleep, we were ready to ski. The beginners headed out to the nearby nursery slope and the most experienced skiers took the gondola up the mountain.

Within a few days, the beginners were also able to tackle the blue runs on the mountain and even the odd red.  In the evenings the students spent time together socialising as well as taking part in a quiz and going ice-skating. We all arrived back safe and sound on Saturday 25th February 2022 - tired but happy.  


Geography Ambassadors

Our Year 12 Geography Ambassadors ran their first session on Thursday lunchtime with Year 10 and 11 Geographers. They did a session on coastal revision, focusing on erosional processes and landforms. It was fantastic to see older students supporting our GCSE Geographers with their revision and also answering questions on their experience of A Level Geography. 


Bertha Earth Changemakers

Amy Cai and Leah Mulligan have been taking part in a programme called Bertha Earth Changemakers which is a programme designed to encourage young environmentalists to make meaningful change to their world.

Here is what they have had to say about their experience so far: 

Recently we have been participating in the Bertha Earth Changemakers programme, which is a virtual project connecting young environmentalists from around the country to share our ideas, guide our peers, and face our fears with the ultimate goal of implementing meaningful environmental actions.

The book by Bertha Foundation called ‘Climate’ conveys their main objectives: to support, educate and connect youth determined to inherit a healthy, thriving planet. “If three young people could silence a room like this, imagine what thousands of young people with the right platform and support could do?” - Tony Tabatznik.

In the last session, we were able to discuss our current plans for action and interact with and gain feedback from the other youth on the call; it was a fun and relaxing, yet motivating experience.

We have begun creating projects that incorporate our interests with our environmental passions to eventually launch into the world and make a positive difference


Some ambitious proposals include:

  • Creating a filmed documentary series to raise awareness of environmental issues such as the extent of deforestation and its large scale of reduced biodiversity and increased carbon emissions. 

  • A new supermarket system to ultimately erase plastic waste, through reusable containers provided by the store.

  • Using social media to connect and gather people to regenerate and renew disrupted wildlife areas through litter-picking and tree planting, for example.

We learned how to manage our self care before prioritising caring for the environment with techniques such as meditation, music and mindfulness to de-stress.

Overall, we are looking forward to continue embarking on this journey with this supportive team beyond the programme, changing our mental attitudes towards the environment like a true environmentalist.


Brand New Microscopes

Year 10 were using the new microscopes bought by the PSA to look at the stomata of leaves, an important part of the plant tissue. The top of the range microscopes allow greater magnification and higher resolution. The students were very excited to put them to good use. A huge thank you to the PSA for raising the funds for such fantastic new equipment.


Year 7 and 8 Food & Nutrition

We have been looking at Italy this cycle and the geography, history and culture that has influenced Italian food. Students have made ragu, a rich meaty sauce for pasta and florentines.


Sixth Form Art Leaders

Huge Congratulations to Elizabeth Sahada and Katie Toner who have been selected to be the next Sixth Form Art Leaders.


Art Textiles

This week there have been some incredible creations in Art Textiles:

Year 8 Refashioned Project,

Year 10 Kimonos and Year 11 Print Work




Vigil for peace in T1

With thought to the current situation in Ukraine, we had an Interfaith or no faith vigil for peace. Students will continue to be able to add to the resources in the coming weeks. Thank you to all who attended.






Sporting News

Celebration – India Brown

India Brown (7Be) has had a number of impressive results in Swimming lately. Please see below her latest achievements and Gloucestershire Counties medal counts.


400m Individual Medley, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle, 800m Freestyle


100m Fly, 200m Backstroke


200m Individual Medley

An outstanding set of results – well done India! We are very proud of you.


Football Coaching Opportunity


Gloucestershire Young Photographer Competition 2022

There have been some fantastic entires received so far from students.

There is still time to enter - the deadline is Friday 11th March. Entries are to be emailed to Mrs Williams: with the student name, tutor group and photo title.


LRC News 

This week is one of the most important in the life of the LRC at DRHS.  This is because, of course, we are celebrating World Book Day and our annual Book Week. 

The aim is to promote reading for the whole school community during this World Book Day Silver Jubilee year and the theme is You Are A Reader.  On Tuesday, a group of 40 students signed up for the Curious Case of the Clockwork Cleaner, a whodunnit in the LRC.  The poor victim, Conan, was found on the library floor, and the teams of student detectives had to find out the who, how and why of the case, using the many clues and red herrings along the way.  We met on Friday for the denouement.


On Wednesday we ran a staff/student book meet in the LRC, with cake, squash and coffee available.  A small but lively group enjoyed book chat, sharing not only what they have read, but how they go about reading, which was extremely inspiring. 


On Thursday the school was buzzing with excitement for World Book Day and the traditional dressing up and lunchtime parade.  We finished the week with a quiet Drop Everything And Read in the LRC, to take us into the weekend in a mindful mood.  As ever, I must thank the library prefects in both Year 12 and 13 who have supported these activities, and welcome two new members of the team, Teegan Stanbrook and Bethany Bishop. 

7BA really looked the part.

Mrs Steele, Mrs Kowalewski, Miss Harding, Mrs Halliday and Mr Smith all got into the spirit of World Book Day too. 


We are running a Year 7 to 9 Readathon for Read For Good, a charity based in Nailsworth, which raises money to buy books for children who are in hospital, or whose families use food banks.  Read For Good have also provided a lot of support for school libraries during lockdown with their Read Gloucestershire Project.  Please see the email sent out by Mrs Steele earlier in the week for further details.  If your son or daughter isn’t in Years 7 to 9, but would like to participate, please have them contact me.  The LRC also benefits, as we receive Scholastic vouchers with which to buy more resources for our students.


Other Book Week activities include a Staff Book Character Treasure Hunt, an English department book title emoji quiz, exploring banned books, and a writing competition organised by Year 12 Library Prefects.  Students can also sign up for Battle of the Books (House book quiz for Years 7 and 8), Denner Best Book Award (Year 9 team) and the Carnegie Shadowing 2022.  The Parent and Staff Association have generously funded this flagship reading activity again this year, for which I am extremely grateful.  They have also funded the Book Character Dress Up prizes. 


This week I also had the Year 7 SHAPE groups in to visit the LRC – they are doing a small research project about a favourite author, so we looked at our library catalogue, Gloucestershire Libraries and our online resources, as well as a simple framework for referencing produced by FOSIL (Framework of Skills for Inquiry Learning).  It was fantastic to set them off on a better and more considered method of research, avoiding plagiarism and thinking critically about information sources:

Please contact me if you have any questions about libraries, books, reading and research – I am always happy to help.  

Ms Carol Cordall, School Librarian



Non-Uniform Day Wednesday 9th March

The money raised will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee, DEC which is collecting funds on behalf of 15 leading UK charities, who are coordinating their response and best placed to decide what is needed in terms of food, water, shelter and healthcare for refugees and displaced families.

Donations can be made on Parent Pay.


Painting Competition

Mrs Williams and her Arts Department would love to see some of our students take part in this competition taking place locally in Cheltenham. We will keep you updated with further details and hope to see you there in June.


Welcome Visitor

It may have been over 40 years since Pauline Harnden (née Jones) was last in Gloucestershire but on Friday she was in the area and happened to pop in to see us. Pauline was Head Girl in 1971 and loved getting to see just how much we've changed. Her visit brought back fond memories of her school days at the High School as she reminisced about her time as Head Girl and being a proud member of Kyneburga. 


Parking on Denmark Road

Please remember to park courteously and with respect to our neighbours around the school.


Dates for the Diary

9th March - Non-Uniform Day

14-18th March - Spring Mocks for Year 11 and 13

22nd March - Year 11 GCSE Science Live trip

23rd March - Year 12 Excellence Evening

25th March - INSET Day

28th & 29th March - Year 10 Geography Field Trip

31st March - INVEST Day 4


Work With Us

If you or someone you know would like to work with us please have a look at our current vacancies:



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