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Denmark Road High School

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Our School Our Week - 16 July

Year 7 History, Year 7 Bikeability Review, Year 7 Pfizer Winners and Runner-up, Year 8 Music Performance, Year 8 Geography trip to Weston Super Mare, Year 8 Music, Year 9 Concert, Year 9 STEM News, Well done! Biology News, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions, Year 12 Mock Artwork, Art Textiles, NSEA Notice, Music Examination Results, Chess over the past year, G15 Celebration of Success, LRC News, School News, Calendar and Term Dates and Finally, Follow me @DenmarkRoad365

Denmark Road High School

Our School, Our Week

Student News

Year 7 History

Here is a picture of 7BE in History.

They have been completing a project called Back in Time for Dinner. Students have been exploring family life from six different time periods. Ancient Greek, ancient Rome, medieval times, Tudor times, the Victorians and World War Two. They re-enacted a traditional family meal from each time period. The class researched and designed their own menus, discussed events of the time and even got dressed up - you can see the Roman group in their lovely togas!

Mr Salmon


Year 7 Bikeability Review

Over the course of two days I took part in Bikeability training to help build my confidence when cycling on the road. The training was fantastic as it was crucial to listen to the instructor and my partner to further my cycling skills. This developed my team working abilities as well as my communication. 

At the end of training we went on a bike ride through some of the local streets to school. This was so fun and great exercise even if we did get quite wet! 

Overall, I absolutely loved the Bikeability experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to further their cycling skills. 

Octavia D’Orazi 7BE


Year 7 winners of Pfizer, fight the bugs campaign

When we found out that there was a national competition for Pfizer, we thought we should give it a go and see what happened. We never thought we were going to win but we thought it would be a fun thing to do. We really enjoyed making our entry, which was a short video with the key message: hands, face, space. We included lots of funny parts in the clip when we were filming it. 

When we were announced as the winners we were so surprised and thankful that we were able to take part in this wonderful experience with Pfizer. We were told we had won a film workshop with professionals. We couldn’t be more thrilled about how much effort they put into this winning experience, the judging and the equipment we were provided with during our time with Pfizer on the winner’s day was fantastic. We couldn’t believe that we had won the competition, yet after we re-watched our entry we were reminded of how much effort we put in and the time it took to complete it.

Our film workshop last week was an amazing experience that we were able to enjoy with our friends. It involved acting, which many of us wanted to do in the future, and learning how to use the camera, lights and other equipment. We were able to re film our entry with all the equipment and new knowledge we had about film making (including, angles, where the lights should be etc) we all enjoyed filming scenes out of famous films and using props to make our own scenario, however we all agree that our favourite part was re making our entry.

From this experience we have taken away many new skills that will aid us in our future if we take the film and acting career path. Some examples of these are: how to work and use a camera, sound monitoring, angles and positions for the actors and confidence.

Thank you, Darcey, Jess and Phoebe 7K


Pfizer 2nd place entry, Akshaya 7H

Miss Hodnett


Year 7 Orchestra

Year 7 orchestra have been rehearsing every Tuesday this term and this week gave a short performance of what they have been working on, 'Selections from Aladdin'. The YouTube link for parents is below.


Year 8 Music Performance

Here are some photos of 8FS2 preparing for their final music performance of the year.  They have all done a fantastic job this year and it has been wonderful having the opportunity to perform music back in the classroom.

Mrs Warner


Year 8 Strawberry Showstoppers

8FS1 produced some amazing strawberry showstoppers during their final Food and Nutrition lesson of the year. I’m sure you’ll agree they look very tasty! Well done girls!

Mrs Davidson


Year 8 Geography trip to Weston Super Mare

Students collected primary data to answer the question, "How could Weston Super Mare be made more sustainable?"

Once back in the classroom, they used sophisticated techniques such as located pie charts and bar charts to present their data and worked in groups to create a sustainability action plan.

Miss Hodnett


Year 8 Music

Some students from 8SG2 enjoyed their final Music lesson of the year with a reggae performance of 'Three Little Birds'.


Year 9 Concert

Earlier this year, some of our amazing Year 9 students took part in a small concert which we can now share with you.  A huge thank you must go to Mr Fitch for recording the concert for us and putting it all together.  I know the students involved have been waiting patiently for this concert to be released, so I hope you all enjoy their performances.  

We have had such an unusual year and our students' resilience and willingness to perform in these virtual concerts this year is testament to their brilliant talent.  We are looking forward to having our Music groups up and running again from September.

Mrs Warner


PE News

Year 7 & 8 B Team Cricket Match vs King’s School

Thursday saw a Year 7 & 8 B team take on King’s in our final cricket fixture of the year. Many of the team have not played cricket before this year, and it was a great thrill to represent the school in a fixture! It was a really evenly matched game, played in the format of seeded pairs batting for 4 overs each against the equivalent pair from the opposition, in a 20 over a side game.

We batted first and scored 82-4 from our innings, resulting in a net score of 62. All the batters did well, with Lois Rodgers top scoring with 10 not out, while there were boundaries for Millie Wrathmell, Zara Reyes-Goddard, Tilly Bradley and Elsa Rodgers. After the first 16 overs of our bowling effort, it was a very close affair, with King’s just ahead with the last pair to go - one wicket would have put us back in the lead! However, despite excellent bowling from Octavia D’Orazi, Millie Wrathmell and Alice Upton, King’s were resolute and won a lovely game of cricket by just 4 runs after finishing on a net score of 66, having made 81-3 from their innings.


Fielder of the day was undoubtedly Isla Goatley who pounced on anything that came her way in the field, while there was a wicket for Zara Reyes-Goddard to go with two run outs (one from Isla). What was pleasing was that despite losing, we outscored King’s 82-81, and when just looking at runs off the bat, we did even better, outscoring them 53-37! The girls all played really well, showing tremendous enthusiasm and enjoyment throughout - well done!

Year 7 & 8 Rounders vs Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School

We had a clean sweep across all age groups against KLB last week, which was a fitting way to finish off the season. Well done to all involved! Please find the results below:

Year 7A won 17-14.5 with player of the match being awarded to Minty Shrimpton

Year 7B won 12-4.5 with player of the match being awarded to Greta Cosentino

Year 8A won 22.5-5.5 with players of the match being awarded to Amelia Moore and Gabby Russell

Year 8B won 20-4 with player of the match being awarded to Zara Reyes-Goddard