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Our School Our Week - 28 May 2021

Year 7 Art, Year 7 and 8 Food Technology, Year 8 Design and Technology, Year 9 Music, A Level Art Textiles, Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year 2021, U18 National Rugby Selection, D of E News, History of Veganism, Congratulations, Cheltenham Festival Success, Code Ninjas, LRC News, School Information & News and Finally, Follow me @Denmarkroad365.

Denmark Road High School


Our School, Our Week


Student News


Year 7 Art

Year 7 students have been busy making creative stop motions animations during enrichment this week.



Year 7 and 8 Food Technology - Carrot, Walnut and Sultana Muffins

The students have worked really hard in the kitchen and made some tasty bakes this week.


Year 9 Design and Technology

Despite two lockdowns Year 8 have now completed both their practical projects with the most recent using an electronic circuit to build a colour-changing mood light.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge of working with new materials and learning techniques such as soldering and all were awed by the illuminated result.

Below is a selection of just a few.

Mr Freeman


Year 9 Music

Some of our Year 9 Music groups had fun in their lesson this week learning to play the ukulele.  They managed to learn 3 different chords and were all able to strum along to a backing track.  They will be able to use this new skill in their current 'Musicals' project after half term.  Here are some pictures of a few students from 9GT with their ukuleles.

Mrs Warner

A Level Art Textiles




National Selection: U18 Rugby

Amelia Clarke, in Year 12, has been selected as a player in the final line-up for the U18 England North Rugby Squad.

In November 2020, Amelia was offered the chance to trial at an England Rugby camp. Since then she has been successful in both the fitness and skills assessment days and has attended multiple camps where the physical and mental demand is extremely high.

Amelia has been training at Pennyhill Park, Surrey, once per fortnight, accompanied by an individually tailored weekday conditioning programme. She has regular Zoom calls about nutrition, player development and match analysis. The girls involved are provided with statistics on their effectiveness during each training session; Amelia has topped the forwards table recently!

Last week, the squads for the internal games were announced, and Amelia was lucky enough to be selected as a starting lock for Team North. She will travel to Birmingham this upcoming weekend where she will attend the weekend camp and match day.

Unlike the majority of girls in the England set-up, Amelia is only in her second year (out of 3) at the Under 18 level. This means that she has another season in which to, hopefully, play once again on the national, and international level.

This is a fantastic achievement and we are incredibly proud of you; a huge well done!

Mrs Davidson


DofE News

Dear Parents/carers - thank you for your continued support in helping your child work towards completing their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. As we all know it has been very difficult to carry on with some of the activities that students were using towards their DofE but many students have persevered, changed activities and continued to demonstrate the required commitment in order to finish different sections of the Award, with others also very close to finishing.

Congratulations to those below for recently completing their respective Awards.


  • Eleri Balmer
  • Angelina Bassi
  • Leona Beardsall
  • Abinaya Bhanugoban
  • Jennifer Borley
  • Anna Bowman
  • Abigail Brooks
  • Emily Clive
  • Kaitlin Collins
  • Nara Cox-Sonora
  • Anna Craig
  • Claire Crompton
  • Natasha Doherty
  • Sophie Fry
  • Carmen Garrido-Boix
  • Rasika Genesh
  • Amy Gettings
  • Orla Gibson
  • Imogen Goodwin
  • Sonal Gopisetti
  • Amelia Hayman
  • Miriam Holmes
  • Fleur Jenkins-Lane
  • Meghana John
  • Pippi Kaloo
  • Rishita Kari
  • Christina Kurian
  • Leanne Lenny
  • Aimee Mathew
  • Eleanor Mitchell
  • Olivia Nelmes
  • Eva Reynold
  • Jasmine Richards
  • Bhuvana Sentil Kumar
  • Chloe Shephard
  • Jessica Smart
  • Alice Stroud
  • Nandana Umesan
  • Aashrita Vinakota


  • Rebecca Pinnock

Please encourage your child to continue to upload relevant evidence to their eDofE account and to chase any assessors for their reports should a section be completed. Please note that an assessor should not be a parent.


In line with the roadmap out of lockdown, schools have been able to conduct residential educational visits since 17th May, and we are therefore looking forward to running full traditional camping expeditions, as long as the guidance allows.

It will be a very busy expedition season at Denmark Road with 154 students taking part in the Bronze expeditions, 136 doing Silver and 20 doing Gold.

Key dates (information will be emailed directly to the parents of those taking part):

  • Bronze Expeditions (Year 9 and 10)
    • Practice Expedition – Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June – Cotswolds
    • Qualifying Expedition – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September – Barbury Castle, Wiltshire
  • Silver Expedition (Year 10 and 11)
    • Qualifying Expedition – Saturday 3rd July to Monday 5th July – Cotswolds
  • Gold Expedition (Year 12 and 13)
    • Combined Practice and Qualifying Expedition – Monday 5th July to Saturday 10th July, Dartmoor

DofE 2021/2022

Bronze Award:

  • Information regarding registering for the Bronze Award will be sent out after half term to parents of students in Year 8.

Silver Award:

  • This will be open to any student going into Year 10 or 11. Information will be sent out next academic year.

Gold Award:

  • This will be open to any student going into Year 12 or 13. Information will be sent out next academic year.

Should you have any questions regarding DofE please contact myself.

Mr Edwards

Silver Practice Expedition Report – Bourton-on-the-Water

On the 24th and 25th April, we took part in our Silver DofE Practice Expedition. We previously had a training day where we were taught how-to put-up tents, cook on stove and how to navigate using a map and a compass.  On Saturday, the day began as we arrived at Bourton-on-the-Water and we embarked upon our 12km walk through the countryside. Throughout the day, we made friends with cows, sheep and other animals. We even got lost a few times, but we managed to find our way to the designated checkpoints using surrounding features. On Sunday, we arrived and did another 12km, following a different route around Bourton-on-the-Water. We had fantastic weather and we enjoyed working with the Ocean Rock leaders and felt as though we were able to further develop our team working skills throughout the weekend. We are now looking forward to completing the Qualifying Expedition in July.

Written by Orla Gibson, Kshirin Naveen Kumar and Archisha Pant


Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year 2021

Please see attached a selection of the fantastic entries submitted for the "Gloucestershire Young Photographer of the Year 2021" competition. The competition, supported by Cheltenham Arts Council is now in its 18th year, and is open to pupils in Primary and Secondary Schools across Gloucestershire. All accepted entries will be shown at the GYP Awards Ceremony on Friday June 18th.

A massive 68 entries were submitted from students in year 7 to 12, with a particularly impressive 27 submissions from Year 7.

I have been extremely impressed by the quality of images submitted, students have shown a variety of photography skills exploring interesting compositions and subject matter.

Judging took place this week and the results are being processed.   The following entries have been selected for display.

Springtime at Croome - Arabella Jones
Candyfloss Sky - Ayisha Patel
Blossom Bunch - Chloe Lakin
Sunset Above the Rolling Waves - Ella Everett Morris
Peaceful Ocean - Emma Wells
The Deep Blue Sea - Eve Williams
Strawberry Daiquiri overlooking the Crisp Water - Hannah Victor
The Look of Love - Martina Jones
A World of Words - Orla Kay
Spring in a Bubble - Phoebe Green
The Wonders of Nature - Zaynub Patel

Here is a selection of our entries:

Annabel Blackwell                            Ameera Ali                                          Emma Wells

             Ayisha Patel                                                             Eve Williams

      Sophie Bellot                                      Ojal Khare                                    Bethany Pinches

     Ella Everett-Morris                               Lauren Harrop                                  Phoebe Green

         Martina Jones                                                             Hannah Victor

   Chloe Lakin                                  Zaynub Patel                         Arabella Jones

                Orla Kay                                                            Rakshave Arunachalam

Mrs Williams


History of Veganism

The word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1944 by carpenter and animal rights activist, Donald Watson. It is derived from the start and end of the word ‘vegetarian’ because veganism is supposedly the start and end of vegetarianism. In 1949, the Vegan Society developed the definition of vegan.

There are two different types of Veganism: vegan and ethical vegan. I am an ethical vegan which means that I cut out anything that harms animals in my life, e.g. clothing, cleaning products, I don’t visit zoos, I don’t support blood sports (e.g. fox hunting). However, this doesn’t mean that people weren’t vegan before 1944. In 1806, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the first Europeans who publicly cut dairy and eggs out of his diet. There is also evidence that people were vegan over 2000 years ago! As well as veganism, lots of well-known historical figures were vegetarian: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Mary Shelley and many more.

Of course, more recently, veganism has become a very popular life-style choice and has received lots of attention from news stories, magazines, books etc. People are beginning to understand it more and think about what they are really are putting into their bodies. We can all make a change!

Information from

Lauren Harrop 8K

Congratulations Lara!

Lara Tidmarsh, 9H has achieved her Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do having passed her grading last week. She has worked her way up through all of the belts since she was four years old. This is a huge achievement.


Well done Ella!

Congratulations to Ella Bowman in Year 12 for gaining a distinction in her Grade 7 singing exam.

Mrs Warner


Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts - great success from DRHS LAMDA students at this prestigious event:

Orla Parker-Wells (Year 7)

Year 7 & 8 Solo Acting- Silver Medal

Maria Sima (Year 7)

Prose Reading Years 7&8 Silver Medal

Sophia Dumbelton (Year 9)

Prose Speaking Years 9 and 10 - 3rd place - Bronze medal

Original Story-writing Years 7 to 10 (1st place - Trophy)  

Prose Reading Years 9 to 13 - 3rd place - Bronze medal

The Steward’s Cup - Public Speaking Years 7, 8 and 9

Danica Filipovic-Carter (Year 8)

Prose Speaking Years 7 and 8 - Silver medal

Annette Farrimond (Year 9)

Prose Reading Years 9 to 13 - 1st place - Gold Medal and Trophy

Charlotte Hudson (Year 9)

Year 9 & 10 Solo Acting - Bronze medal

Niamh Rainbow (Year 11)

The Rosina Bassett Cup - Public Speaking Years 10-13

Well done girls!

Mrs Di Tomaso


Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas are restarting sessions for 7-14-year-olds in Cheltenham.  Please see below for details:

Code Ninjas Cheltenham are delighted to announce that we are opening our doors at the brand-new Cyber Training facility in the Gloucester College Cheltenham Campus on the 22nd June.  

Code Ninjas is an after-school coding and STEM club for kids. We use the passion kids have for computer games like Minecraft and Roblox to teach them problem-solving skills and computer coding concepts. Much like a martial arts Dojo we use a progressive belt system to help re-enforce and celebrate learning progress.

It is a self-paced program but unlike a lot of online alternatives, it is not self-taught. We have a team of passionate young adults that we call ‘Sensei's’ that coach and share the journey with the kids. Our safe and secure environment has a fun social side that really helps children grow in confidence as part of a team, much like a sport.

We offer monthly memberships called 'Create' where your child can come once or twice a week to our dojo and we also offer Camps throughout the school holidays.  Please find attached some additional information about the services we offer.

It would be great if you and your child could come down to the Dojo for a free taster session and tour. We can also then answer any follow-up questions you may have. The tour booking form is here.

Take a look at the information at the bottom of the webpage.

Mrs Shaw


LRC News

With half term coming up, I’m going to recommend some of the books I’ve enjoyed reading.  Obviously tastes are very individual, but I’d love to receive your daughter’s or son’s reading recommendations, as it’s good to try a new author’s work!


Many of these books are available in the LRC, so if your daughter or son is interested in reading any of them, they can reserve them on Click and Collect or email me their request. Most local libraries are now open, so if your family haven’t yet joined, half term is the perfect opportunity!  Remind your son or daughter to add what they are reading to the DRHS Reading Marathon and to log their books at the Read for Good website: to benefit children who are in hospital or whose families use local food banks.

You may have heard about the auctioning of various Bronte artefacts from the Honresfield Collection and the amazing sums they are predicted to fetch.  What I found most poignant were Anne Bronte’s diary entries, which show she didn’t have the ornate handwriting I’d imagined and wasn’t above making a few spelling mistakes!