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Our School Our Week - 13 November

Year 8 Macbeth, LAMDA Results, LRC News, Children in Need.

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Our School, Our Week


Student News

Year 8 Macbeth

In English, Year 8 have started studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth in their lessons this term.  Here are some girls from 8BE acting as the three witches prophesising their fateful meeting with Macbeth.

Mr Fitch

LAMDA Results

The latest LAMDA results are in (exams taken at the end of September - thank goodness they happened when they did)!

Here are the results for DRHS students:

Sophia Dumbelton - Grade 4 Verse and Prose Speaking - Distinction

Freya Lindgren - Grade 4 Verse and Prose Speaking - Distinction

Meghana John - Grade 3 Public Speaking - Distinction 

Cameron McCann - Grade 4 Verse and Prose Speaking - Distinction

Dulcie Davidson - Grade 4 Verse and Prose Speaking - Distinction

Amelia Thomas - Grade 5 Acting – Distinction

Please contact Mrs Di Tomaso directly if your son or daughter is interested in taking individual LAMDA Speech and Drama lessons at DRHS:

Mrs Di Tomaso


Halloween Pumpkin House Competition Results

Mrs Williams


My poem: Education cuts like the sharpest knife

Emma Wells, Year 10

Girls don’t deserve an education’,

They say so strongly you see,

They try to justify themselves,

And try to radicalise me.


But i am not phased by their words,

The justifications that they have declared,

Because I know that these people,

Are really just scared.


Scared that women will outsmart them,

Scared that they will be out-ruled in life,

Because as we all know from experience,

Education can cut like the sharpest knife.


Education is the deadliest weapon,

Education is all you need,

To get the strongest extremists,

To come bowling at your feet.


Education is a right,

And education should be free,

For all those who can be educated,

Please - just listen to me.


For all who take it for granted,

Who skip school and skive,

Remember this now - take it from me,

You will need it throughout your life.


It makes us better people,

It shapes who we will be,

It lets us have something to say,

It opens our eyes, so we can fully see;


That not having an education is ridiculous,

But some people aren’t that smart,

They think that girls don’t deserve and education,

They are tearing society apart.


There have been wars in the past, 

Full of death and blood and murder,

And why did it happen, what was is it all for,

It is because of a little fear.


So don’t take away a right,

Don’t let a life go to waste,

We all deserve education,

No matter our gender, religion or race.

Mrs Waskett


Children in Need – Non-Uniform Day

It's Children in Need today and to raise money to support this amazing cause we have held a Non-Uniform Day.

But this year, it's a little bit different. Non Uniform Day was a 'Come as Yourself Day' and this isn’t about dressing to impress. It’s about showing it’s OK to let the world see the real you, so BBC Children in Need can help more young people feel better about themselves.

We asked students to turn up in their own clothes and pay £1. Denmark Road High School could easily raise hundreds of pounds just with this one simple gesture and it could make a huge difference to young lives across the UK.

Click below to hear more about 'Come as yourself day' from TV's Laura Whitmore...

Photos of the day will be in next week’s ‘Our School Our Week’.   Hopefully we will be able to let you know how much we have raised for this wonderful cause too.

Mrs Kowalewski


News from the LRC

National Non-Fiction month

Lots of facts and information are available from the LRC, from astronomy to history, crafts to languages, cookery to design! All are reservable by Click and Collect and count towards the DRHS Reading Marathon Challenge.


The new Year 12 Library Prefect Team met for the first time this week – they have some amazing ideas for running virtual book groups, encouraging reading for pleasure and for information, promoting books with diverse content and own voices authors, creative writing, reading classics and future classics and I am really looking forward to seeing these ideas develop over the year.  We already have one activity underway: November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – a reminder to us all to explore our creativity!  In that vein, Leigh Phillips is taking on the task of organising a monthly writing challenge.  This month the theme is Autumn.  All entries should be emailed to Leigh by 30 November 2020. 

Gloucestershire Libraries

Gloucestershire Libraries have now closed for the duration of the current lockdown period.  However, all their e-resources are still available.  All details can be found here:

As always, if your son or daughter has any questions about authors, books, genres or how to find information, they can always email me or call in to the LRC and I will help them find what they need. 

Ms Carol Cordall, School Librarian

Follow the LRC on Twitter   @DRHS_LRC and Instagram   drhs_lrc



Change of Circumstances?

If your circumstances at home have changed (eg divorced/re-married etc) or you have moved house, changed telephone number/email address please let us know asap by emailing so that our records are correct and that all our communications reach you.


Forward Look – dates for your diaries:

Tuesday 17 November         

Year 10 Excellence Evening (Video appointments) – 4.30-7.30 pm


Tuesday 24 November

Year 11 Mocks


Friday 27 November            

INSET Day – School closed


Monday 30 November         

KS3 (Year 7-9) Revision CPD Session for Parents/Carers –6.00-7.00 pm


Friday 11 December              

Christmas Jumper Non-uniform Day


Friday 18 December            

End of Term 2 at 1.30 pm


Monday 4 January 2021       

Start of Term 3


The DRHS calendar 2020/21 is available here.


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