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Our School Our Week - 15 May 2020

History projects, silent debating, biscuit making and winning chefs!

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Our School, Our Week


Student News

Year 8 Family History Project

In Year 8 History students are doing a family history project, researching all the weird and wonderful things about their family's past. Olivia Hattersley-Newman, 9K, wrote to share her experience of this project last year:

“Hi, just to let you know that ever since we did the family history project last year, my grandma has been inspired to continue our family tree and has started to get in touch with family members that she might never have met. She’s been having weekly phone calls with second cousins and first cousins all because of the family history project. So thank you.”


Mr Salmon

Create & Cook Competition

Well done!

Congratulations to Jemima Hollingworth and Emma Short, Year 8, who have won the Gloucestershire Final of the Create & Cook Competition.  

The judges loved their menu commentating on their “skill and the use of their ingredients”.  

They go on to get their recipes and accomplishments shared across social media – look out for them on Instagram and Facebook.  The girls both win cookbooks and pizza cutters.  

Their dishes were twice baked Double Gloucester soufflé with Cotswold Gold basil pesto and a Blaisdon plum jam bakewell tart.


This is work by Sophie Breeze-Stringfellow, Year 9, Photography and Pattern with the use of light and shadow for Textiles.

Take a look at Natasha Doherty’s textiles project – Photography – Do Your lines

Natasha's Project


Chat Room Highlights 

Year 7

Emily Holder made pizza bagels to feel like she was at school.

Nandini Palamthodi drew a picture for her best friend.

Louise Bassett made a lovely VE day sign.

Manasvi Nagendra received a lovely letter from Southmead Hospital. She wrote to them a few weeks ago to express her thanks for their hard work. They were very appreciative of her sentiments.


Year 8

Lila Coster has been dressing up as a dinosaur to wave at passers-by which really cheered up on lookers, especially children.

Zafeera Karim has been germinating beans.

Honor Fraser made VE day biscuits and delivered them to neighbours.

Florence Hampton shared some amazing photos from her Great Grandad's collection, he was an Official War photographer.

Anna Dickins - cheering people up with news of the positive impacts on the environment as a result of the global reduction in travel and consumption.


DRHS Challenge

Lucy Morgan, 7BA has made some Barwell biscuits for the DRHS challenge.



Bristol University Webinar on Student Life

Three of our Year 12 students, AJ, Luke and Sophia participated in a webinar on Student Life and Careers with Languages on Wednesday 6th May, which was hosted by the outreach department of the School of Modern Languages at Bristol University.  Our relationship with them continues to grow since Gina Robinson, their lead counterpart, came to talk to MFL students last July at our Year 9 Languages Day, and our Year 12s participated in a previous webinar in October on aspects of languages at A level.

Many Year 12 language students around the country participated, with about 80 people on line from isolating households. Among these were a number of current languages undergraduates from the university, and a graduate. The students spoke informatively and articulately about aspects of student life and it was a timely and helpful reminder to sixth former linguists of the many benefits and joys of studying a foreign language. Bristol University offers a wide range of European language degrees and the offer to study one from scratch. Here are some comments from our amazing Spanish students:

“”The webinar hosted by Bristol University really provided me with an opportunity to see clearly the experiences and prospects that a language degree can provide. Although we always have access to ‘hypothetical’ careers that certain degrees can lead to, it was both refreshing and informative to have access to such informative real life examples of what someone can do with a languages degree. - Luke. 

I thought that the Bristol University webinar was really useful and informative. It has given me an insight into the many things that you can do with a language degree. It was especially interesting when the students explained what it’s really like having a year abroad in different countries. - Sofia 

Having been previously unsure of where a languages degree could take me, I thought the webinar was a reassuring and positive experience as it showed me what else I could do with the degree and what opportunities it would open, other than going into the translation business. It has opened my eyes to other different types of careers that call for skills in a foreign language, such as marketing and charity work, and has made me realise the value of language degrees in the ever changing world we live in”. – AJ

Mrs Pines




Merrie Wells, Year 11 was commissioned by Miss Cook to produce this wonderful piece.



Year 12 Geography

Year 12 Geographers have been silent debating.


Goodbye to Mrs Sartore-Wallace

Mrs Sartore-Wallace is leaving DRHS this week, having taught here for eight years. She has been a Teacher and Head of French, pushing teaching on with her excellent methodology, from learning checks and use of the French language in the classroom from Year 7 to teaching of essay writing in French in Year 13. She has been an integral part of the Geneva Exchange for many years and always central to languages events in school. These have ranged from European Day of Language activities to the recent Year 9 languages day in July 2019, where her activities on French film and music entertained 70 students from DRHS and other schools. 

Many messages have been sent to the school from students, wishing Mrs Sartore-Wallace all the best for her future. 

This is a typical one from a Year 9 student: 

Thank you for being really sweet and genuinely caring, your smile and your stories always brightened up lessons. 

Martha Cook (9GD said the following):

Thanks for making our French lessons fun when we were all tired first thing on a Monday morning! So sad to hear that you’re going but wish you the best.

This is what Aanya Shetty 7F1 said: 

Thank you for helping me through my first year in DRHS. I had so much fun learning French with you. I hope you make all the children in your new school happy like you did for us. I’ll always remember ‘Show my thingy’! 

We wish her well.

Mr Groom

The DRHS Book Marathon Challenge now boasts 782 reviews from students and staff – it is fantastic to see many in our DRHS community engaging with reading so enthusiastically and exploring new authors and genres.  I have sent a further link to students by email with details of another (legal) source for reading e-books, if they are running out of reading material.  Again, thank you to Mrs Shaw for collating the Google Forms into a weekly spreadsheet for us all.  Just a reminder that Years 7, 8 and 9 have timetabled reading time from 1:30 to 2:30, so do remind your daughters to submit their reviews on the Google Forms.  

The LRC Google Classroom has now been joined by Classrooms for the Carnegie Writers, the Carnegie Shadowers and the Denner Blue Coat Best Book Award Group.  I post links to reading or writing related content every weekday, so if your son or daughter would like to comment on these at all, please ask them to do so.  

The Hay Festival of Literature, coming up next week, is making its content available online.  There are lots of wonderful, diverse, creative children’s authors presenting, so do take a look! 

Follow this link: schools.aspx?resetfilters=true&localesetting=en-GB

Do explore this website, as there are lots of talks from previous years available too.  

If your child is aged 13 or under, they might want to try the Write Laugh competition organised by Authorfy:   Children aged 5 to 13 may enter by writing a funny story in up to 500 words – there are prizes and the winning stories will be published in an e-book.  

If your children enjoy having books read to them, take a look at – there is a wide range of familiar – and not so familiar - stories being read by actors such as Betty White, Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Costner.  

National Book Tokens are launching their annual competition to win £5000 of book tokens for your school library.

Please take a look at their website and consider nominating DRHS LRC:   Every nomination counts!  Thank you for your support.  

As you may know, we were unable to run our Scholastic Book Fair this spring, due to the lockdown.  However, Scholastic is ready to take your orders (many books have a discount) so that the LRC can continue to benefit.  Please take a look here:   The latest date you can place your order is now May 31 2020.  I will open up the next Book Club order on June 1.  Books will be delivered to your home address, so unfortunately there will be postage costs – I understand they will be keeping these to a minimum, however.   The LRC benefits in that we receive credit to the value of 25% of orders which we can spend with Scholastic on resources for our students.  It’s so important to keep the shelves updated with new fiction/non-fiction and to replace older books when they fall apart!  Thank you for your support!  

If you enjoy cooking and literature, do watch the Great British Menu episode featuring Cressida Cowell, author of the How to Train Your Dragon and Wizard of Once series.  She is also Children’s Laureate and spoke with the judging panel about the role of school libraries and of children’s literature in creating empathy.  Take a look here:

Finally, here is my usual reminder that joining your local library is open to everybody!  All provide access to e-books, e-magazines and other online resources to their readers.  If you’re not sure where to start, e-mail me, and I’ll take a look at what’s available in your area.  Our own online resources are still available via the LRC’s Google Site (Online Resources page) for all students to use.  

Take care – and keep reading!

Ms Carol Cordall, School Librarian

Follow the LRC on Twitter   @DRHS_LRC and Instagram   drhs_lrc



More history …

Gloucester Museum are also doing interesting articles/videos on their Facebook page – this week was about The Anglo Saxons and Æthelflæd.

Gloucester Heritage Hub are also a great source of local information and hold regular quizzes.



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