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Denmark Road High School

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Thank you and Goodbye

Dear Parents/Carers

This last term has been extremely busy with a large number of events occurring, including the visit of Professor Robert Winston to the school.  This was a most prestigious event for the school and more about his visit can be read about in this newsletter.

The Charity Concert was a great success with about a quarter of the school performing at this event.  There were many memorable performances, especially that of Zadok, the priest.  It was difficult to imagine that the majority of singers were in fact students.  The Charity Concert raised £2,433.09 for the Genesis Research Trust which was founded by Professor Robert Winston.  The Genesis Research Trust funds research into prematurity, miscarriage, polycystic ovary syndrome and other diseases in pregnant women.

Thank you to all the parents and companies that made a contribution to this great cause.  I am certain that Professor Winston will be delighted with the money raised for the charity.

On Friday, as a result of the Carol Concert we raised £402.09 for Toilet Twinning.  Again, a huge thank you to all the students, staff and parents who made the donations.

Christmas is always a special time of the year and this year there is no exception.

We said goodbye to two members of staff on Friday:

Ms Yana Georgieva and Mrs Raines Williams.

Ms Yana Georgieva

Ms Georgieva joined the staff at the High School for Girls in September 2013 to teach German and Spanish and became Assistant Director of Post 16 for a short while.  Ms Georgieva was known as a passionate teacher and students have indicated that they enjoyed her lessons.  Ms Georgieva has decided to leave the teaching profession and is now training to be a translator.  We wish Ms Georgieva all the very best for the future.

Mrs Raines Williams

Mrs Williams was perhaps not known by the students but she was the Fundraising Manager when the school did the Capital Fundraising Campaign.  It is thanks to her that the receptions occurred and we secured the money for building the dining hall extension.  Mrs Williams also did all the proof reading and editing of the second history of the High School and got it to publication.  She has also been responsible for building up the Alumni base from around 60/70 to approaching 600 former students.  Mrs Williams was a great support to me during the Fundraising campaign and I am personally very grateful for her help.  I wish Mrs Williams good luck in the future as she works freelance.

As this is my last newsletter I have to say a huge thank you for all the lovely words and gifts that I received last week. I am overwhelmed and wish to thank everyone – governors, staff, parents and students.  I will be sending individual thank yous but I am concerned that I may miss someone.  Please do not take offence – it is just that so many people were very generous.  Thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I wish Miss Giblin every success in her headship of this wonderful school.  I am certain it will go from strength to strength.

With grateful thanks to everyone and wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sawicka, Headteacher